Friday, October 11, 2013

At Four Months...

good morning!
with mr m sharing my computer,
it feels like i am a visitor who pops in now and then
i feel the need to reconnect today
to see how everyone's faring.
on my 'visiting days'
i usually try to skype my little grandson.
he is now four months old
in taiwan where he lives
they have a few customs that are very different
to us here in australia.
one of those
is the tradition of tying a red string
with cookies...or more recently...
the trend of tying donuts
around the neck of the baby and family and friends
eat them.
i'm not sure
what this means really
but maybe you've heard of it
and can let me know.
little kai also had his first swim recently
was accompanied by about forty other babies
who were born at about the same time as him.
sounds like good fun!
i'm off to shop for dog food
in the cool of the morning
then when it gets hotter
i'm heading down to the pool myself to keep cool...
my kinda fun.
i hope you've got some fun things lined up for today...
or maybe the weekend
naturally Carol xox

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

How does your garden grow?

good morning!
when i last wrote,
i lay down my to speak...
took a rest.
it was like at the end of all those 500 posts
i'd finished
really didn't know whether i'd take it up again.
but this morning
after a dry spell
i leapt out of bed and there had been a storm in the night.
the world was new again.
 i had a desire to write again as well...
to share something fresh.
i don't know quite where i'm heading
with all this
but as with life itself...
it'll just unfold
a story will be told!
oh what a beautiful morning...
oh what a beautiful day....
doris day here is warbling away!
have a great day...
naturally Carol xox

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Post No. 500!

i was just about to write 'good morning'
but the morning has escaped already...
it's already past noon!
this is my 500th post.
they've been written over nearly 3 years.
my 1st was in august 2010.
it was written with as much angst
as anticipation.
it was a scary thought
that anyone but family might read my writing
i didn't know what family may think either!
we are old friends, my blog and i
all the people i've met and spoken to.
i look forward to spending time here...
some days more time than others.
my creative mojo has waned
but that's just part of life.
i've crocheted, sewn and knitted here
you've seen it all.
today i'm excited about my daughter's
garden transformations.
i'm her assistant
todays task as been to water all her babies
as they sun themselves under our bright blue queensland sky.
i do have a tiny jumper to finish knitting
with life a little less chaotic
maybe my creative mojo has just temporarily
ducked out for a cuppa...
here's hopin' anyway!
naturally Carol xox

Monday, August 19, 2013

A Bit About This & That!

how are you?
today i feel the need to just chat a bit...
life is full of little opportunities,
like the time the sun was just shining perfectly
on this tiny spiderweb
despite its broken unevenness
it made a moment beautiful.
of course not all moments are beautiful are they?
mr m has had a heart infection over the past few weeks
fortunately after many tests
the most recent tell us he's on the mend
and his heart size is back to normal...
then mr m's dog became very unwell...
it turned out that she had a two cancers in her uterus.
a week and a half ago
she had a hysterectomy and the vet took out the aggressive cancer...
the size of a baseball!
she's on the mend
bouncing about like it never happened!
ms b is transforming our garden
she's truly a green thumbed girl
like her auntie jill and both grandmas.
she's planted this pot of sweet Williams
tool boxes full of pansies and renunculas
to bloom in spring.
lavender and mondo grass to withstand the summer heat
fuschias, hibiscus and frangipanis
now grace our garden as well.
what a treasure a good gardener is!
our tiny kai is now 3 months old!
it has sped by and he's growing up
faster than a weed...hehe!
check out this bright baby boy...

he's the apple of his grandma's eye.
how are things at your house?
we have plenty to be grateful for.
naturally Carol xox