Friday, October 11, 2013

At Four Months...

good morning!
with mr m sharing my computer,
it feels like i am a visitor who pops in now and then
i feel the need to reconnect today
to see how everyone's faring.
on my 'visiting days'
i usually try to skype my little grandson.
he is now four months old
in taiwan where he lives
they have a few customs that are very different
to us here in australia.
one of those
is the tradition of tying a red string
with cookies...or more recently...
the trend of tying donuts
around the neck of the baby and family and friends
eat them.
i'm not sure
what this means really
but maybe you've heard of it
and can let me know.
little kai also had his first swim recently
was accompanied by about forty other babies
who were born at about the same time as him.
sounds like good fun!
i'm off to shop for dog food
in the cool of the morning
then when it gets hotter
i'm heading down to the pool myself to keep cool...
my kinda fun.
i hope you've got some fun things lined up for today...
or maybe the weekend
naturally Carol xox


  1. I had never heard of this Taiwanese custom before now but it's interesting! He looks so cute with the doughnuts on him!

  2. Lovely to see your new post today, Carol. How cute and adorable little Kai is! He looks such a happy baby too. Thank you for your sweet comments over on my blog, I always enjoy them. (Btw, yes I do love the Miss Potter movie too!) Hope you have a lovely time at the pool, enjoying the lovely weather :)
    Helen x

  3. Kai is adorable! I've never heard of the custom but it sounds like a yummy one!! Happy weekend ! Sarah x

  4. Oh Carol, what an adorable little munchkin he is! I love seeing is personality develop. I bet you miss him, Skype notwithstanding. J x

  5. What a sweetie Kai is ! No idea about the donut thing ... it all sounds very sticky to me!

  6. LOL! I about cracked up when I saw those donuts tied around his neck! It is really quite amusing to see how different customs are from country to country. Donuts or not, he is a doll!! What a lucky Grandma you are!!

  7. He is hugely adorable...yay for skype! I bet there are lots of things you are learning about your grandsons culture.....stay cool and slip slop slap. xxx

  8. He is SO CUTE! What bright eyes and big smile he has. How interesting about the donuts around his neck...let me know if you find out what it means!!

  9. The wonders of internet, he's at that interesting stage now and probably a lot of fun. I just want to smell him! Stay cool Carol.

  10. what a spunk, love the doughnut tradition, so whacky


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