Saturday, April 28, 2012

Taiwan...The First Peek

it's nearly may....
it's rainy and grey
but cosy,
and its good to be able to come here
and see what you're all doing.

i have access to some of the photos i took in taiwan
so i thought i'd show you a few today...

no wonder my son would laugh at me before we got there...
taipei is a modern vibrant city.
i think i imagined crowded buildings and no space...
silly me,
it was often more modern than any city here in australia!

scooters were the way to get around
and they were everywhere.

the central business district was spacious and open
with amazing gardens and wide multi laned streets.

(about five aussie dollars worth!)

after lunch on the first day...27th december 2011...we browsed

this was the door of a shop selling sculptured glass objects
and was an embroidery covering the full length and breadth of the sliding door!

i asked permission to take these pics
but i wasn't game to snap the swarovski crystal shop
or others in the taipei 101 tower.

totally exhausted we thought we were in for a quiet night after a full day
of sightseeing and window shopping...
but later that afternoon
we found out that we were invited out by the amy's parents
to a special rotary dinner
where we kareokied and enjoyed an incredible seventeen course dinner!

it was a wild introduction
to an amazing country and some of the friendliest people i've ever met.

have an incredible weekend...

naturally Carol xox

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Celebrating Easter But Still No Computer!

happy easter!

thanks for all your comments...
i still don't have a computer to use here
sometimes life doesn't work out the way you think it will
although i have had a few possibilities offered to me at one time or another
they have not really lead anywhere.

i have decided that i will just have to post once every
three or four weeks
when my husband comes home with his laptop.

the present thought is
that my son in taiwan ...whose birthday it is today...
can send me some parts to resurrect the old computer,
as he has some at his house.


talking about a resurrection...
that's what easter is celebrated for.

nothing could keep Jesus from living,
not even death.

nothing can keep His life from you either
if you choose to believe
that He took all your guilt and shame upon Himself
when He died on the cross
nearly two thousand years ago.

He died so that you can experience an amazing life here
and after this life.

i can truly say that asking Him to lead me through life
when I was fourteen,
was the best decision ever
the best adventure!

i do however
respect that you may choose to live your life differently
that is what free will is all about.

don't those eggs look yummy...
chocolate time!!

have a great day....

naturally Carol xoxox