Tuesday, January 4, 2011


hi there!
i've spent the last few hours
sewing up those curtains...
i'll show you tomorrow,

'cos today
i've got a true story of heroism for you...
mr m is not such a 'bad santa'
{see yesterday!}
but to a little dog like this one
and his family...

he's a hero!

on sunday morning
mr w had to move his ute out of the driveway
so mr p could get his out to go to church.

when mr w parked on the side of the road...
a little white and tan jack russell terrier
was hobbling up the hill and parked himself under the ute.

about 10 minutes later
mr w was taking the ute out
so the dog moved from under the ute to under my car
which was sitting under a big jacaranda tree.

it was mr m {formerly known as 'bad santa'}
who said, mum, i'll put him in the front yard...
{to be safe, 'cos we live on a very busy road}
and you ring the rspca.
{i tell you, there's a compassionate, dog-lovin' heart in the guy!}

the rspca said 'can you bring him in?'
i said 'in a while, not immediately',
'o.k.' they said...

about an hour later...
the rspca called us
and said there was a man that had rung..
looking for a dog like we had described.

happy ending...
the man came around.
the dog wagged his little tired tail in recognition...
the man was overjoyed.

the little dog's name was 'patches'...
he'd run from miles away
when the fireworks began on new year's eve...
and had walked alone for two days,
with no food {the man said he'd lost a lot of weight}...
and a little sore leg.

{he had no collar on him
'cos his master had given him a bath earlier that day.}

the man used to live in a street nearby
a few years ago.
'patches' was probably thinking
he was heading home!

we watched and waved as the man and his little terrier
got in their small red car and drove off home...

i love happy endings!

naturally Carol xox

p.s...seems that 'bad santa' outfit was just a cover up for mr m's 'super hero' garb!

pps..miss b spent a wonderful 3 days at niagra falls over new year going to fancy restaurants, watching fireworks and new year's concerts! she's lovin' canada...and mr g!


  1. I do love a happy ending - wonderful story Carol.

  2. Well... you just cannot judge a book by its cover can you!! Santa is always the good guy!
    Lovely story :)

  3. Dear Carol,

    a really lovely story...
    I love HAPPY ENDS!

    Enjoy your Week and send you many Greetings,


  4. So relieved that Patch and his owner were reunited. I know that my dog hates the fireworks too and we always make sure she's safe in the house with one of us to look after her.

    Flickr is completely free, Carol. www.flickr.com I seem to remember having to set up a yahoo account (another free email account) but I don't use it for anything. Then you just upload your photos and can organise them and tag them and use them in other applications on the web. I just use it for my craft photos - it is easy to get photos into Ravelry from Flickr and now I use is for the mosaic maker at bighugelabs.com too. If you want to go and look at my Flickr photostream go to: http://www.flickr.com/photos/43285940@N06/ I've met lots of lovely crafty people through Flickr.

  5. Ah that is such a sweet story - poor little dog but how lucky he was after all, I'm so glad there was a happy ending! I also loved reading the lovely post about your parents too. Hope you have a good week and enjoy your sewing! Helen x

  6. Dear Carol, what a touching story with happy end! and what a coincidense the name 'Patches'.
    I'm happy to hear that 'the children' had wonderful holidays! Enjoy your sewing...I'm going too!
    xxx Teje

  7. that is such a great story with a happy ending!!! So sweet! I love that the doggy found his owner, I feel like that so rarely happens - good job!

  8. What a nice story. Shared it with my husband, we both thought it was so sweet!

  9. A happy story all around! It is amazing how far those little guys will travel to find their way home! :)

    Happy New Year!

  10. What a wonderful story!! I worked at the rspca for about 2 years...and they are not all happy endings!

  11. So happy for patches..Don't all our bad santa's have a little softness under all that toughness?..xx

  12. What an adorable story! Glad for the happy ending.


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