Thursday, January 20, 2011

Strawberry Fields...

the crepe myrtles are blooming
mauves and pinks
in bunches!

was i enjoying them bouncing on a summer breeze
this morning...
i was beavering
making 'strawberry fields' into chubby cushions!

here they are on the black couch...

this pair just covered their 40 cm inserts...
it was like dressing fat babies!

'strawberry' cushion no1

'strawberry' cushion no 2

back...note my second go at sewing buttonholes...

all the buttons are vintage or repurposed...

maybe there are sisters out there
who share a bedroom...
and love strawberries
and chubby strawberry cushions!

i'm going to enjoy the crepe myrtle blossoms,
the cool breeze
and the white pillowed clouds
drifting above me...
and laze a little.

i'm playing along with kootoyoo creative here

have a wonderful day!

naturally Carol xox

p.s.   if you want to join me in making a few cushions for the flood affected people in queensland...
drop me a comment or an email so i can give you my address to send them to.  see monday's post for details!  all cushions sent to me will feature in a post pictured 'on the black couch'!


  1. They are so delightfully fresh and cheery Carol! Very nice :o)

  2. I didn't think I was into cushions, but you will convert me very soon. Your strawberry fields look so yummy.

  3. These are beautiful Carol. Adorable fabric. I love that you have also used our word for today in your blog twice. We are enjoying the sunshine and the 'breezy' day here too.

    xo Kell

  4. Oh my so gorgeous - Carol Do you have instructions for easy cushion making ? I am new to real sewing, I can hem and straight sew.

  5. ha ha ha!! Like dressing fat babies!?!! You're hilarious. ;-) They are gorgeous.

  6. Well Carol,they're two of the cutest, fat strawberry babies I have ever seen!..xx

  7. Oh those cushions make me want to be a little girl again. They're adorable!

  8. Your pillows are just too cute for words, but seriously if you can manage button holes you can manage a bag mine are just all straight sewing no tricks involved at all!

  9. Those cushions look cute!!! Nice fabric!!

  10. What divine cushions - my little monkey has a 'thing' for strawberries (one of those irony things because she can't actually eat strawberries!!). But I'm sure any little girls would simply adore this fabric :-)

  11. Cheerful, feminine touch and can transform any room with a pleasant atmosphere... so lovely Carol

  12. Beautiful cushions! I love strawberry prints and these look very fresh on the yellow background. Have a lovely day! Helen x

  13. Love those selvedge tags! And your cushions look nice and squashy...just right!

  14. I can't stop laughing at "it was like dressing fat babies"!!! Beautiful cushions, Carol. I love the buttons you chose for the selvages. I'm going to have to try a buttonhole now.

  15. Hi Carol! Beautiful, sweet pillow! I love that fabric and you have made lovely details with buttons!
    Have a lovely time!
    xxx Teje
    Ps Nelli-cat tries to send her wishes to you on my lap!

  16. Those cushions are just GORGEOUS! I love the attention to detail with those beautiful finishing touches as well. Perfection.


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