Saturday, January 15, 2011

I'm Grateful Ordinary Day!

the regular army
the volunteer army
are cleaning up queensland...
street by street
house by house.

i'm so proud of
the spirit of australians!
{the spirit of mateship}

i had an ordinary day...
didn't watch the tv all day
mesmerised by drama and bad news.

inspired by all those other aussies,
i did a bit of cleaning.

i got all miss b's boxes of belongings sorted
in the front room

and cleaned and conditioned the couch...

rearranged the furniture

and made three cushions
for my cousin
'cos she's just had her fifth baby
and her house has been lapped by river water
in rockhampton.

i'm so grateful
for an ordinary day!!

naturally Carol xox

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  1. Thanks for visiting my blog Carol; the inspiration you have taken from the Big Cleanup is amazing. Your couch is great (I love how you've separated it) and the cushions are gorgeous!

  2. I can fully understand how important an ordinary day would be right now. Enjoy - and good job on that couch!!!

  3. ohh yes, an ordinary day is the best after what's been going on around Australia.

    i hope you continue to have many more ordinary days Carol & some sunshine soon.

  4. Those cushions are so special, Carol. You are one very talented lady. Cheers to an 'ordinary' Carol day where you create something so fab!!! x

  5. Those cushions are so beautiful. I love ordinary days. I'm hoping for a few next week. Cleaning and de-molding - yuck! But I'm not complaining, just mentioning.

  6. Tough times really make us appreciate the ordinary things that we would otherwise take for granted. Wishing you more ordinary days to come :)

  7. Your clean up looks perfect, and those cushions are fab! After an ordeal an ordinary day is just heaven - enjoy yours - and lots more! Helen x

  8. But isn't it great to have the oppurtunity to appreciate the ordinary and not always take it for granted.
    Cheers to ordinary days - let's have lots more of them :-)

  9. Well done Carol, I need to do the same.Your photos are so clear and wonderful!!!
    So good to see the sun shining again.
    Won't be there on Tuesday am to be fitted with a heart monitor. Love Crystal

  10. The cushions are lovely, Carol. Good for you for taking some time to step away from the bad news and just live. Sometimes you just need to.

  11. What a blessing ordinary days can be! Well done!!! The pillows are just lovely. Take care


  12. It sounds great with an ordinary day. Your cushions are beautiful, Carol!

  13. hello carol and bill and family ,how are you's all going ,we are doing good here at curra ,glad the rain over ,only got a bit of fence damage and we had a lot of water over our place ,but other then we are doing ok .XX

  14. I can see you having your ordinary day. That is a good vision. Love the cushions Carol! Have the best sunday too.

    A warm hug from me. :)

  15. we had one of those days today as well and it was so well timed. Wowee...I adore those cushions xx

  16. Hi Carol, Ordinary days are absolutely the best ones! I'm sorry to hear about your cousin. Those cushions you made, are very beautiful!
    xxx Teje

  17. Normal days are so nice! Glad you guys are getting back to normal and those cushions are awesome! What a lucky cousin.

  18. Good for you, Carol! We also had a historic flood here in Nashville last May. It was overwhelming - dealing with my own flooded basement and witnessing the complete devastation of so many peoples' homes and lives around this city. But it was also wonderful to watch the people of my city rise above and help one another through the crisis. Blessings to you and your fellow Aussies!!!!!

  19. Dear Carol,

    your Clean up looks very perfect! Your Cushions are beautiful. Thank you so much for visiting my blog and your lovely Comment.

    Enjoy your Day and send you many Greetings,


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