Wednesday, January 19, 2011

On the Black Couch...

as cushions are made
by me or by you,
for the queenslanders affected by flood...

i am going to display them on the black couch!
{and feature them in a photo sitting on the black couch right here on my blog ~ in case that isn't clear!!}

like this one i finished this morning...

i'm calling it 'sunshine'
it has a 40 cm insert in it...


i found out that buttonholes are easy on my machine...
so now i'm hooked on them...
watch out for the next cushions i'm making.

looking at the back...

do you recognise the grey...
yes, that's leftover from my dining room curtains!!

i am hoping
that 'sunshine' will
make a little of the same
in someones day!

a happy sunshiney day to you all...
and remember
look at mondays post
for details on joining me in making these cushions/pillows
to make a little bit of difference!

...and they will all be featured on the black couch...with your blog site or name too..
unless you want to be anonymous...but i will still feature your cushion/pillow!!!

...and if you like...aprons or even pillowcases/pillowshams...
all are very usefully beautiful...
like you!!

naturally Carol xox


  1. really pretty pillow (Definitely full of sunshine) are so talented!

  2. Beautiful colors, Carol. Love it. It will most definitely brighten someone's day.

    Sent you an email on this topic:)

  3. Wonderful work. They look fabulous and I'm sure be perfect :)

  4. Hi Carol, Your house is a home with these beautiful works of art. I love those happy colours.
    I have bundle Branch heart blockage. Not too bad, only feel wonky and unwell when I do too much. Waiting to hear the doctors vedict?
    Went to church feeling really well last Sunday. Sang my head off then went outside for a coffee..soon the feeling to pass out came over again and I had to get home. And okay as long as I take it easy. Love C x

  5. I just came over from Mousehouse and you mentioned that your daughter just left Brisbane (& her stuff) for Canada. I had that last July when my son & daughter left Canada for Brisbane! They both came back just before Christmas...and the flooding. They were in Point Victoria and their friend/host says they're ok there.
    I was wondering what we could do from here to I have a project! (if I get organized...sigh...). I have some bright 'happy' fabric that needs a purpose. I find your pillows and aprons beautiful and so cheerful, what a wonderful thing you're doing!

  6. That will definitely make someone happy!

  7. definitely 'sunshine' - the perfect those bright colours, they would make anyone happy :-)

  8. Don't you worry that pretty little head of yours about me not having any cushions left! My blog should really be called "The Old Lady and Her Cushion Collection Makes Another (and her husband finally leaves her)" LOL!!!

  9. That's pretty - I'm afraid that with moving the likelihood of being able to produce a cushion for you is slim; so I'm doing my bit on the many raffles instead.

    Hope to be able to produce something like this later in the year when have a go at quilting.

  10. Lovely pillow! You did a great job. I love the button details.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier. To answer your question, I do not cut the bottoms off my onesies when I make the dresses. I have designed a way to keep the onesie together. :) I cringe at the thought of cutting the onesie. When I make t-shirt dresses, I do cut part of the bottom of the t-shirt off though.

  11. Do you have a cut off date for these? And what size is the pillow case if it's 40cm insert... I am clueless as you can tell :-)

  12. Very pretty! I like how it turned out. It's sad that I don't have a sewing machine--thanks for all you're doing to help those in need!

  13. Hello Carol! This sunny cushion is lovely! Also I like very much the buttons! Great idea!
    Your yesterdays apron is beautiful!
    Have a lovely time! xxx Teje

  14. I love your sunshine cushions. May they soak up all that rain. x

  15. Your work is lovely, Carol. I cna't imagine being talented enough to make something deserving of the black couch!! x

  16. What a beautiful and generous idea. If the instructions are easy I'd attempt it (though my sewing machine I don't know how to use - was bought for work).
    You are such an inspiration Carol. May God bless you and your helpers in this project.

  17. Ps What comment form do you use (or is it part of your awesome blog design ?)


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