Thursday, January 27, 2011

A Serve of Summer For You!

hi and good afternoon!

this afternoon i just want to give all those snowed, fogged, and cold, grey day folks...
a slice of summer.

there is nothing quite like a crepe myrtle blossom laden bough
reaching up to the summer blue sky
to lift the winter heavy spirits.

only a few short weeks now
and winter will flee for all of you northern people
and colour, perfume, green green leaves,
buds and blossoms
will be the order of the day!

this morning
i loaded up the washing machine and fed the worms
and then saw this crepe myrtle
and just had to capture a summer morning!

you are now standing with me in my back yard
my little palm tree
and the lawn
have loved the summer rains.

 yesterday i finished two more cushions...

this is the small 'berkeley'

with non-matching buttons!

and a yellow elephant.

'big berkeley' has an unembellished front

her back...

has bling!

just a final glimpse of summer flowers
from my front yard...

i'm not sure what this pretty baby is called
but she is showy and very hardy
and minds the front gate!

many summer dreams to you!

naturally Carol xox

if you would like to make cushion covers for the flood affected people of queensland
please leave a comment or send me an email...many thanks!


  1. Dear Carol,
    What lovely photos!! You are such a doll to remind us that summer is not far away! You have a beautiful yard - thanks so much for sharing. It was a really nice way to start this day!

  2. I am a lover of flowers and cushion covers. They are beautiful. Charmaine

  3. ...A "pink" slice of summer indeed. Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful yard and florals with us! We were both in a pink mood it seems! Ahhh so beautiful! ♥

  4. Thank you for the delicious pink blossom! Now I finally know what crepe myrtle blossom looks like and it is so beautiful! Your lovely cushion goes perfectly with it too. Thanks for sending us blue sky, sunshine and beautiful blooms on our rather dreary day! Helen x

  5. Gorgeous garden, and clearly inspiring! And I love the reminder that there is sunshine after the rain - praying you get more sunshine...

  6. Thank you for the slice of summer before I take the dog out for a walk on this dark morning!! The cushions are beautiful.

  7. Hi ,I love your blog ,and its nice to meet a fellow Aussie ,I think? the shrub with the blue flower is called China Doll:)
    I am your newest follower!

  8. How lovely!!! Thanks so much for bringing a slice of summer our way. Beautiful pillow and yard. That blue sky and pink crepe myrtle brought a smile to my heart. Beautiful! Now, I am off to the fabric store ;) enjoy your day!


  9. Thank you for the beautiful blossom! I guess they have inspired you when choosing the fabric for these cushions?
    Carol, I would love to make a blogpost about my town, but the weather is indeed very grey, so that wouldn't make nice pictures. But I promise, it will come!

  10. So beautiful! Thanks for sharing that--there's LOTS of snow coming down here (which I also find beautiful) so it's fun to see the color, too!

    What a fun little elephant button. ;-)

  11. Oh it's so cold and snowy here in Mass. husband is clearing snow off the roof..over a foot fell on us last night! Looking at all your beautiful blooms are teasing me big time! Thanks for giving me hope for better days to come..
    Have a wonderful day,

  12. Dear Carol,

    i thank you so much for the slice of summer...
    beautiful it all!
    Send you many Greetings from Germany,


  13. Hi Carol! You have so beautiful garden with all that flowerness!!! Your pillows are like they came from your garden!
    Have a lovely time! Teje

  14. Your crepe myrtle made me gasp aloud (we're under 8 inches of snow and freezing our hind ends off, thank you...) and I agree with Teje...your cushions look like they were plucked from a colorful Cushiontree!

  15. Carol, I love your blog, and the cushions you make are always lovely! Thanks so much for the little glimpse of summer!

  16. GORGEOUS flowers!!! And I love the fabric on those cushions so pretty.

  17. Sigh... I'm so sick of winter. Lovely photos, Carol. And that Berkeley fabric is gorgeous! Love the little elephant button, too.

  18. Oh my! I just saw this post now, beautiful flowers and gorgeous cushions. Love the colours!

  19. love that fabric! you have such good taste!

    ps I took your oatmeal advice and the baby LOVES it! Thanks!

  20. Amazing flowers, the colours are so vibrant.

  21. so jealous of your summer weather - it's so cold and snowy in my part of the world! your crepe myrtle is so fabulous - crepe myrtles always remind me of my grandmother. she lived with us when i was a child, and she had a gorgeous one planted outside her bedroom window. the first home i bought had a large, old crepe myrtle outside the bedroom window - one of the main reasons i fell in love with the house!


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