Friday, January 7, 2011

The Grey Room...Painted!

how are you all?
this afternoon the sky outside looks
as grey as the room
we've mr w and mr m have been painting!

remember the room

all scraped back!

mr w applying the undercoat...
we wanted to keep the grey as light as possible,
no existing colour bleeding through.

on with the grey...complex grey..half strength
{by berger}

complex grey is a grey which like its name states..
has many colours in it,
not just a whitened black!

two coats later...

mr w has moved in
and finally this morning
i took these pictures...
and he brought up his favourite bed lamp upstairs
for the occasion
{and made the bed for me!}

it is slowly being organised...
but then again rome wasn't built in a day.

kara loves the bedroom too!
by half past eight every night she's snoozing in it...

she is wondering why
we wouldn't let her off the bed...
{'cos we wanted to take her picture}

she was happily sitting there...
and before we could take her pic
she leapt off onto the floor.
 she was ordered back on the bed
but it just confused her!
she is eager to please though...he!he!

well i won't win 'the decorator of the month' award
with these pics
but what do you expect
from a boys' room in occupation...
i should have taken photos when it was first set up!
i didn't even think about it then.

i hope you're having a grey't day...
well, sunnier actually!

naturally Carol xox

ps...i have sewn another apron..but will show you on monday...hopefully!...think meadowsweet!!


  1. Great colour- yeah I know grey is not a 'colour'- but you know what I mean- love how the room co-ordinates with Kara!

  2. Oh it looks wonderful! I am loving gray right now.

  3. The colour works so well with the wood - would be so nice and cool on a hot day like today :-)

  4. You've done a great job! Kara really looks puzzled on the picture, doesn't she?

  5. It looks great for a young man and even to me.
    Kara is adorable.

  6. Lovely peaceful colour for a bedroom. I like it!!

  7. Hello Carol,

    It's great to get a job done. Bet you can't stop looking at it and feeling happy.
    The guys did an excellent job.
    Tell Bill we are all eagily waiting to see his next work of art.

    Doesn't this rain drive you crazy. I think its stopped and then it pours again.
    xx Crystal

  8. I likey! And the dog how gorgeous and funny (about her being confused) Little daring!!

  9. Hello Carol! I think the room looks so great now and I love the sheets!
    Kara is so wonderful with her smiling face!
    Have a lovely day! xxx Teje

  10. Hello Carol I love the new grey paint, it looks wonderful! Have a great weekend! Helen x

  11. Perfect colour for a guys room.Have a great weekend and I hope the sun peaks through..xx

  12. I love that shade of grey, looks amazing, really like the room & wood panelling too, love Posie

  13. Wow, it looks fantastic! I am hoping to do something similar in my bedroom!! Have a wonderful weekend carol!
    hugs, laura xx

  14. Love that color, Carol. It looks great. The bedding is pretty, too (and the cutie dog, of course)!

  15. Love the soft color! It came out very nice. Good color combination, plus the 'decorative' puppy matches very well too! lol Great job from all the Mr's involved :)


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