Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Big Wednesday Love!


what's wednesday's big love?

i'm thinking nautical...

blue skies shining on me
blue skies do i see...

blue oceans..i'm yearning.

{a set of five fifties inspired postcards came in the mail this morning...
i'm lovin' them too..lots of blue skies on this one!}

definitely a bit of summer love going on here this wednesday!

are you embracing the nautical this summer?

do you boat, fish, swim or just love that sparkling sea from the safety and comfort of the sand?

it's all good.

have a great sparkling sunshiney wednesday...

naturally Carol xox

wishing this post was written on a beach somewhere!


  1. Nautically nice!!
    Loving all of your hearts. :)

  2. Love it all especially the old Nivea Ad. Just back from Tassie with Rays golf. I go into the Wesley on the 16th for my heart. Love C x

  3. Count me in on the nautical beachy theme! I love it! That heart is so gorgeous! X

  4. Loved the beachy theme today...I always enjoy anything with a nautical flavour like this post. Loved seeing the Nivea ad, and the cute little heart with it's jaunty stripes. Have a Happy Wednesday, Carol.
    Helen x

  5. It definitely feels all Summery with the rising temperatures here at the moment. I love the freshness of the blue, red and white nautical colours.

  6. gorgeous little hearts! And yes, I love a nautical theme.


  7. We're too far from the sea for anything nautical ... in Canada we had Lake Ontario which sort of made up for the lack of sea, but here the Main river just doesn't cut it!

    Great hearts ... I love you use of selvedges!

  8. lovely~ i could go for a hammock right about now :)

    mountain mama

  9. These are lovely! It brings so much warmth into a space. Have a fabulous day, Kellie xx

  10. Loving the nautical hearts..Wish I was at the beach..xx

  11. Anything nautical goes down well here at the Sew-Happy House.....whose alter ego is Sail-Happy House! Your nautically inspired hearts are wonderful and give me a great idea for #1 daughter, thankyou :)

  12. I was totally embracing the nautical feel of Summer yesterday Carol, with a ferry ride across the harbour to a lovely northern beach of Sydney. Doesn't get any better :o)
    Gorgeous hearts and lovely postcard, loving all that blue :o) xo


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