Thursday, November 3, 2011

Thursday's Creative Love...


it's late afternoon and i've just turned the computer on.

today has been a day of unexpected events...
but theres a whole serving of love in this thursday as well.

mr t woke up this morning with an enormously severe back pain
that occurrs sporadically and without warning...
he was suffering yesterday
but it was unbearable this morning.

this called for a trip to emergency at the local hospital
so off we went.
safely delivered there with his wife to take care of him
i was able to respond to an invitation for lunch at chatz
which was a lot of fun...
lots of chatting and laughter.

when i got home mr t needed a 'script filled
so off we went again.

mr m also needed a little of his mum's support today...
but isn't that all in a day's duty for a mum?

it's all good now.

i thought we needed an double portion of love
in the family today...
so two hearts are better than one!

despite all of this,
this morning there was a couple of hours of time
for creativity...

i've never tried a 'disappearing nine patch' before..
but had a bit of a go with
a 'hullabaloo' charm pack by urban chiks at moda
and a few kona solid squares as well.

i don't know what else i'll add
but for the moment
these will do...

for more creative spaces...
join kootoyoo here!

there is still more to look forward to...
i think thursday is my favourite tv night at the moment.

7two has 'two thousand acres of sky'
which i'm revisiting 'cos i enjoyed the mini series so much
first time around...

and 'distant shores' which is another 'tree change' type adventure.
i'm really enjoying this too.

i'm off to jog around the blogs
so i may see you somewhere near!

stay happy this thursday...

naturally Carol xox


  1. The hearts are really effective and I find the selvages are sometimes as stunning as the fabric

  2. Hey Carol, it sounds like a rather dramatic start to your day. I hope all's well now and the back behaves itself.

    As for your gorgeous hearts - loving them to pieces!

    The quilt fabric is truly lovely [the dot panels are my favourite, I think you've probably figured out by now that I'm partial to white with gelatos] and I can't wait to see this quilt pieced.

    Enjoy your blog jogging, no doubt I'll see you somewhere in Blogland.


  3. They never stop needing their Mums! Lovely fabrics, looking forward to seeing that nine patch :D

  4. What a day! Hope the mr's are ok now! Mr little mr bumped heads with a friend on Monday, a big gash, lots of blood but not too many tears. He had to be taken to check if he needed stitches, luckily he didn't, but I just know how a day can go a bit wrong!!! Anyway I just love those hearts.... Sooo pretty! X

  5. Your hearts are very sweet and such a lovely way to use up some of those pretty selvedges. I love the soft colours of the nine patch, I look forward to seeing what you create. Glad to hear everyone is ok now:) xo

  6. I can't believe you managed to fit all of that into one day! And I love your hearts. Those selvedges have lovely messages...

  7. Goodness Carol, you must know those people at the A&E pretty well now. Do hope he's out of pain now, back pain is no fun at all.
    Loving all the hearts you've been creating recently, including the selvedges is very novel.
    Take care x

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  9. Those selvege hearts are so sweet . I love them.

  10. Sending double hearts of hugs! Hope the Mr is feeling better. Love the polka dot heart!
    xo Cathy

  11. I'm thinking a tree full of those hearts (like the pom pombing link you posted about some time ago) would be a bit fabulous?!

  12. I really adore your selvedge hearts Carol...I think I may make a few and applique/embroider my children's names on them.


  13. What cute hearts everywhere! And Disappearing 9 Patch is on my "to do" list too. They are cool!

  14. Your blog land is very interesting and I surprise to watch your creation of this Christmas. Happy to watch that no any fabric is in dustbin.


i am delighted that you care enough to comment..i love to read each one of them..thank you!