Monday, February 25, 2013

Let's Catch Up!

good morning!
let's catch up...
let's face it,
i haven't been around much lately,
just been generally busy really,
but i have been knitting too.
i've finished knitting my stripey blue scarf
and i'm up to sewing in all those pesky little ends...
the downside of so many stripes!
hopefully sometime this week i'll have pictures to show you.
can you see the raindrops on the tree in the backyard?'s raining again.
hopefully not too much.
we had a minor flood event last week
after our major one last month.
fortunately the centre of town wasn't affected
and the swimming pool was still open.
i've been swimming almost every day...
i can now do several laps at a time,
a big improvement.
when i started at the beginnning of january
i couldn't swim...or
i was very rusty...and all my joints were clicky...hehe!
how has church been? ask politely.
it's been a blast!...i say.
we have seen miracles, this weekend.
clark taylor has been ministering to us.
he prayed for my friend fiona
and her back has been healed.
she can feel a toe,
that due to a pinched nerve in her back,
she has not been able to feel in two years.
it's been quite a time.
i've been visiting you all...
every few days,
'cos i want to keep up to date on your comings and goings
and see what you've made.
you're very creative you know.
thanks for sharing a cuppa today...
i'll catch up with you again very soon, i promise.
have a great day!
naturally Carol xox

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine Birthday!

mr b!
valentine's day
naturally Carol xox

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Click Clack!

good afternoon!
how are you?
it is a peaceful
blue-skied afternoon here in queensland.
swimming is cancelled due to school carnivals
being held today and through to evening...
making hay while the sunshines, most probably.
the days here have been slightly cooler
and i've taken up my knitting sticks...
you never thought i had any...admit it!
it is a simple scarf,
made from odd balls of wool
with different textures and degrees of cosiness.
i was finishing a scarf for my daughter
who upon the eve of her departure to canada,
said, "mum, you can finish off this scarf for me if you want to".
it wasn't this one,
but another that looks like a watermelon..true!
i'll show you when i've finished trimming it.
i only finished knitting the last 7 inches
and it was completed,
but my knitting desire was not fulfilled.
gathering up all my woolly supplies
i decided then
to make myself a scarf to ward off
the chilly winds of winter...
even though it's still summer here.
i will be prepared!
there was a birthday celebration over the weekend...

this chocolatey sponge
was filled with cherries and ganache
danced upon by retro ballet dancers.
totally yummy
thanks mr t...
despite it's blocky chocky appearance!
have a happy week...
naturally Carol xox


Monday, February 4, 2013

Something from Scraps...

hi there!
being the beginning of the year...
activity wise, that is...
it was decided that 'mainly music',
a community programme for sharing music with tiny kiddos,
got new tablecloths.
i got to hem them.
out of the scraps...
'cos the tablecloth was a bit too long,
there was enough for a cushion.

the back is held together by silver studs...hammered in.

this one's for miss holly, age 2.

at the end-ish of last year
i took some photos of a frangipani flower.
gradually the petals fell off
and a bare stem was left.

 i just left it in the jar
before long little leaves formed
reaching out to the light,
roots began to grow in the water.

next spring
i'll plant it out in the garden.

i've just found out
that the swimming pool opens again...
clean and fresh,
after being flooded last week,
on wednesday..yay!

hope you've got good things planned this week too...

naturally Carol xox