Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Bleeding Hearts and Irises...

good afternoon all!

i was inspired to purchase the fabric,
 for the cushion i'll show you today,
by two blogs that have the most delectable gardens
and in amongst all kinds of
blooms and blossoms,
there were branches of bleeding hearts.

"heaven's walk" and "aiken house and gardens"
are both on my blogroll
if you'd like to pop in and visit.

i've made another rectangular one
as the 'branches' of bleeding hearts
just seemed to want to spread out along the cushion...

dramatic and deeply teal..georgeous fabric

the back..more georgeousness!

just on a whim
i thought i'd try these out together..
i think they look a turquoise treat
jumbled together on the black seat!

they are all waiting to be taken into new homes
at my 'madeit' shop online..
button..top right hand corner for a direct link.

i was going to share something else today
but got out of bed too late to put the wheels in motion..
here's hopin' i can drag this bag  o' bones
out of bed tomorrow for it!

have a lovely evening...

naturally Carol xox

p.s... if i pass on an award, i really don' t mind if you decide not to act upon the offer or whether you would like to take it up..it's your choice...however please take it as a compliment from me , that i find your blog wonderful in some way!

pps..'bleeding hearts' cushion cover available at www.madeit.com/NaturallyCarol

Monday, May 30, 2011

Thanks a Bunch!

good morning!

i've been tagged for the 'versatile blogger award'
by beth from boatshedchic

thanks beth!

according to the rules:
to accept this award i have to write 7 little known things about myself...

  • i always wanted to live in the country..until i got here and was terrified of snakes and so live in the most built up part of town.
  • due to many failed or very average essays produced at school i never thought i could write and it still surprises me that anybody reads this blog.
  • when i get to choose the movies we watch in this house everybody is surprised when i actually choose one that we enjoy...i know how to pick the duds..they always have an interesting storyline on the case..that's my defense.
  • i don't have a favourite colour...or is that really that i do but they change a lot, depending on what fabric i'm looking at or how a room is designed or how i'm feeling on the day.
  • i often like a thing until everyone else seems to like it and then i get bored with it.
  • my newest project is always the one i like best.
  • i used to hate aniseed flavoured food..now i love it!
now to pass this award on to some deserving recipients...
i have just picked 5 today of some people that write about all kinds of different subjects
in their blogs and do it well...
if you don't know these blogs
i recommend that you pop in for a visit...to these cheerful places
you will meet a few very accomplished women!

now to show you something a little different...

a couple of weeks ago i bought some vintage replica handkerchiefs
from simone at beach vintage..
i decided to make a throw over..
to keep flies off plates of food on a table,
usually used for morning or afternoon tea..while waiting for guests to arrive.

the hankies are light and delicately floral...

please pretend that it's covering a lovely cake on the table,
not just my bowl of fruit!

folded up after use on the back of a chair...

a close up of the seams and corners...
i made seams about 1.2 cm from the border of the hankies
and didn't quite go to the corners.
this means the corners flute up and form a little ruffley bit
which looks quite attractive.

i think my retro hankie throw
will get quite a lot of use from now on!

now...i have to inform my award winners...

naturally Carol xox

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Coming Up Red Roses!


this afternoon i'm linking up with 'maxabella'...

i'm grateful

for a week that started up as


and ended up as

coming up red roses!

i am grateful for change...


this fabric was on my mind this morning
i think it just fits the bill!

roses are red
violets are blue
golden ribbons of friendship
remind me of you!

the green apron was posted today...

was it coincidence
that i thought of my friend debbie last saturday
then before i could even get the apron made
she sent me a parcel
to spoil me?

was it a cooincidence
that my friend margaret
was at the local shopping centre
at the same time i was
we spent a lovely morning
relaxing over coffee and raisin toast
on wednesday?

i think i love red buttons!

as soon as i saw these red buttons in a shop
i wanted to own them and use them...

haha! i'm grateful for red buttons too!

i hope you're having a red letter saturday...
and have time to smell red roses
and collect red buttons.

naturally Carol xox

ps..roses cushion sold at www.madeit.com/NaturallyCarol

Friday, May 27, 2011

Banana Bliss at Ten in the Morning!

good morning!

this morning i warmed up the house
by making a batch of banana bliss muffins.
these were in the 'care package'
along with nestle cappucino sticks
from deb.

easy peasey..just put the packet mix into the bowl
add water.

no adding extra eggs, oil, milk or anything else!

put a tablespoon of mixture into each paper case..
large ones.
it was meant to make a dozen
but i made mine a little larger and it made eleven.

mmm! they're ready to go..

boil the jug.

make the cappucino,
put the muffin on a fancy plate
the flag makes it taste even better


debbie i'm thinking of you
as i have morning tea this morning...
just like we used to every friday morning
in canberra!

thank you, deb...
i do feel spoilt rotten..haha!

the smell of banana bliss muffins
got mr t and sharrie out of bed to share them with me..lol

next term he will be a student..so won't be sleeping in!

and the house is nice and warm!

there's nothing like a special friend to warm up your heart...

naturally Carol xox

p.s...i've saved a few for the final moments of oprah this evening!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Green Apron...

good afternoon!

today i'm even later than yesterday...
the sun is down on the other side of the hills
and last light is fast approaching!

i have a good reason
for not posting sooner...

i've finished the green apron.

pressed and on the hanger..

a bit of detail..
a flower shaped button on the frilly pocket
the loop.

'fandango'..a great fabric to work with,
beautiful quality
a kind of polished look to it.
{thanks kate spain!}

the back and ties...

a black label & 'if''.

hopefully this will get mailed tomorrow
or friday at the latest...it will be a surprise..maybe?
{sometimes she checks out this blog..lol}

i've got other news too...
last night i made my first sale on 'madeit'.
i was so excited
i got up early this morning to wrap it prettily
and post it off on it's way to melbourne..yay!

i've got more news too..
i won a 'versatile blogger' award
from beth at 'boatshedchic'..
i'll pass that on tomorrow.

i think i might see if i can join in with 'kootoyoo' today..
if blogger will let me play!

'til tomorrow..
oh by the way..did you watch oprah last night..
i did..and i'm looking forward to tonight!

two more shows to go ..here in oz..

naturally Carol xox

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


hello there!

it's late in the afternoon
and the shadows are lengthening fast.

the warmth of the day is ebbing away
and the cool of the evening is seeping in.

i took the opportunity this afternoon
in the warmth of my little sewing nook...

to sew a frilly pocket
onto the apron i cut out yesterday....

frills are thrilling me at the moment
so i'm adding them where i can!

i love the softness they add to an item
that added dimension and prettiness.

i'm thrilled about a few things today:

i won one of nikki's new books from jodie at ric rac..yay!


got a special package from my friend deb in canberra...
a real pick-me-up!

i am totally overwhelmed with your blessings deb and jodie...
thank you so much.

i'll share more later about these.

by the way..i did comment on some posts yesterday
and then found that blogger wasn't connecting me properly..
so if i'm a regular commenter on your blog
and you didn't hear from me yesterday,
it's not favouritism
it's just 'cos when i had to sign in...
i had to sign in
sign in
sign in
then it made me an anonymous commenter
still wouldn't sign me in!!!

i gave up and left!

i hope it's fixed itself today.

i forced myself to go out last night
to my usual tuesday evening thing..
it forced me to reconsider some silly sad thoughts
that have roamed around in my brain
the last few days..
then being blessed by deb and jodie
put those thoughts away permanently.

as a result i feel my normal self has returned
and the joy i usually carry around is back
where it should be,
in my heart.

i love having friends!

wishing you are having a joyful wednesday!

naturally Carol xox

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Lavender & Not a Bit of Lace!

hi to you!
on this sunny tuesday afternoon...

last week i visited
'bayside rose' in her 'madeit' shop..
{she has a link on her site}
this is what i bought...

pam made this
from a beautifully embroidered piece of vintage doily.
it is exquisite...

but that's not the best part..believe it or not!

stuffed inside the neck of the little bag
was a sweet smelling tuffet of lavender
further down inside
is the 'piece de resistance'...

handmade lavender soap

all wrapped up in paper and string!

just georgeous...thank you pam ~ it's all packaged beautifully
and such good value..for a gift or to treat yourself.
{this one's for me..i just love good soap..
especially if they're made with natural ingredients.}

all that lavender reminded me of my button tin.

i don't know where i got it but i've had it a long, long time
it just fits with my lavender theme here today!

i keep using my buttons up..
since i've begun to sew again in the past year!

have you begun to collect little gifts for christmas yet?
i went into a stationery shop the other day
and found a couple of great things
that are now stashed away in my wardrobe..
so the hunt has officially begun here.

some things get left to the last minute
but preferably,
i like to be a bit organised
that gives me more time to see things
that each person on my list would really like.

i hope you're having a sweet smelling day
like i am this tuesday!

naturally Carol xox

Monday, May 23, 2011

Monday Quartet...

good morning!

isn't it lovely to be at the beginning
of a fresh week...
stretching out before us
full of every possibility
and opportunity!

i decided that my trio of cushions
needed a fourth member...
so this one made the cut.

she's a bit smaller than the other square cushion
40 cm x 40 cm
or 16" x 16"

the fabrics on the back
tie her in with the rest of the gang.

here they are in all their splendour
on the black couch

our newest member looks right at home
just hanging out...relaxing!

they won't be lying around for too long
this quartet has an audition coming up
for a gig on 'madeit'
in just a few minutes...

i think they're made for each other..ah ah!

hoping your having an harmonious & wildly musical monday..
or at least mildly musical..monday
ah ah!

naturally Carol xox

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Grateful for..the Birth of an Idea!


have you ever woken up in the morning...
just a little sad and a bit aimless.

looking outside and seeing a dull grey day...
your heart just sinking.

going back to bed just wishing the day
would change.

i did.

this morning.

needing a few things from the shops..{again!}
i went out
had some of this kinda stuff...

except it was 'cappucino-fied'!

a bite to eat...

except it was banana bread...
these are the ones i brought home for mr t and sharrie!

i read the paper for a while
sitting in the cafe
what can i do next.

i need a little project
to think about
and get myself out of myself
so i don't just dwell on things
make myself sadder.

my mind

switched from 'off'

to 'on'

i thought of someone
to make

one of these for

out of


i'm grateful
that thinking about
what i can do for someone else
can take my  mind off myself
give today
even joy!

yesterday i finished this square cushion
to go with the rectangles...

for my 'shop'...
i'm going to do a little square 'citrus' one as well,
just to finish the set.

i'm joining with 'maxabella' today
i need to read some more 'grateful' posts...obviously!!!

i hope you find purpose & joy in your weekend...

naturally Carol xox

ps...don't get worried about me, i am usually quite a happy person...i am just between stuff at the moment..i've nearly filled my little 'madeit shop' and need some other bigger project ..until then i am practising patience..sometimes not very well!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Variation on a Theme...

hi there!

i've had this one on my mind for a few days
and cut out some of the fabric,
but today i just wanted to finish it.

if you imagined leaves floating in a pool of aqua yesterday...

then today imagine
cocktails by the side of that pool
slices of multi coloured fruit!




it's ok..i'm not asleep

just resting my eyes!

letting the warmth envelope me....

and the water slide over my skin as i drift!

it seems...

that thursday's
a good day for dreaming!

naturally Carol xox

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Aqua Leaves!

good morning..

i'm still into making rectangular cushions
so just thought i'd give you a look at this one..
it is the first of a few on the same theme.

it is like leaves in a swimming pool!

i love this fabric!

i just get lost in the blue
and the rounded shape of the leaves...

they almost look like fish!

the buttons look like sea glass...

i couldn't resist a selvedge detail either..

discreetly sewn in with the seam on the back!

i'm off to do a wee bit of grocery shopping..
no matter how much i buy there always seems to be something more to get.
so i'll sneak in a cappucino when i'm out...

then this afternoon i do my teeny tiny paid job
and hopefully can get some sewing time in.

have a blue sky day


a swim if it's warm enough...soak in all those lovely aquas,

hoping there aren't too many leaves in your swimming pool!

naturally Carol xox

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Tyre Swing...

good morning!

on the way home from prayer meeting this morning
i stopped by a friends house for a moment
and for once had my camera in the car.

just outside her front garden
there is a little clearing in front some bushland
and some trees
and on one of those trees
is a tyre swing...

did your childhood include memories
of swinging on one of these?

do your kids love 'em too?

i'm in to tyre swings this tuesday!
have a good one...

naturally Carol xox