Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Thanks Cheryll!

good morning!

'tis a blue skied sunny day
here in southeast queensland,
not quite as hot as it could be..
more like warm in the sun and very cool in the shade.

it's late morning and i've hung out the washing,
done the washing up
and played with and fed the dogs!

a couple of days ago
this came in the mail for me...

it is all from cheryll at 'gone stitchin'
cheryll produces great patchwork and embroidery
and is an old hand at swaps and rak's.
{and so receives many goodies herself!}

this 'random act of kindness' swap
was organised by maree from 'on my verandah'
at the very beginning of the year..
or was it the end of last year..i've forgotten!

it's funny though how any committment i make like this
seems to come around much quicker than i expect it to
and then everything gets left til nearly the last moment..oh well.

i've never really had anything monogrammed before
so this hand towel and face washer
are a real treat...

i love the little key cover too
and the mit will be ideal for the rough skin on my feet.
i always use those nylon balls when i clean my face
and i needed a new did she know?? haha!

that is a sweet wee notebook too
thank you cheryll!

naturally Carol xox


  1. so lovely. It is amazing how a little gift in the mail can make us feel so special.

  2. how cute is that little key cover!!
    What a nice surprise in the mail for you today :-)

  3. One of my greatest pleasures ia the postman bringing me are even better. Enjoy them you deserve some nice things for you.

  4. What a gorgeous surprise Carol!! So sweet! Hope it ended up being a wonderful day too!
    Laura xx

  5. What a fantastic surprise! It is so much fun to get things in the post! (I think that is why I order shopping online so much!) Enjoy! X

  6. What a gorgeous package! The monogram is just lovely! Have a beautiful day, Kellie xx

  7. What a sweet package of items. Really nice swap.

  8. Hi Carol! That was a lovely suprise to get so wonderful packet!
    Have a great time! xxx Teje

  9. Hi Carol!
    What a lovely surprise, the monogram is beautiful - so understand you are proud.
    Yes, finally summer arrived in Norway- has its ups and downs, cold in the evening and hot during day, but all in all it is great. You know, we have the midnight sun, it doesn`t get dark during the night. I can tell you it is so difficult going to bed when it is bright daylight outside. *yawning, haha! See you around. Hugs!

  10. so strange, I was JUST thinking about monogrammed towels yesterday - and it is not something I often think about, trust me! But mum found mine from when I was is all pink with a bit more pink!

    What a lovely suprise for you - enjoy

    Gill xo

  11. Wow. Lucky you. This is your week!


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