Monday, May 16, 2011

Swinging Girls!

hi & welcome!

today i'm just feeling comfortable...
it was a lovely sunny morning
and i enjoyed a cup of tea on a friend's verandah,
then unexpectedly met up with another friend while out shopping
and had another chat...
i do love connecting with people..especially friends
and what better way to connect
than over a cuppa!

the special thing is
that all my friends have something precious
that is just theirs
and they take that with them
wherever they go...
you have that something precious too
and you bless me with it when i read your comments
and laugh with you and admire you on your posts...thank you.

i mentioned the other sherbet pips cushion i made
on saturday's here she is

'swinging girls'!

if you like one of the cushions or aprons on my blog
chances are that they are in my 'madeit' shop..
and you are welcome to check it out.
{if i haven't given it away!}

you know
i would love to be one of those girls...
swinging under a tree
feet not touching the ground
dreaming dreams and enjoying
rushing to the ground
and then
just before crashing
the swing lifts
and pushes against gravity
sending you
soaring to the sky....bliss!

i am liking these rectangular cushions..
i think they fit neatly into the small of your back
as you sit on the lounge or your favourite chair.
they're just a bit unobtrusive on a chair
fitting in and not taking over
or finding a spot alongside a pillow on a bed...
just sliding in, rectangle next to rectangle.

i must have had too much of a good time today
i'm getting a bit whimsical here
with my imagination taking flight
about the oddest things..hehe!

still i love it
when i can smile on the inside
and let my loony side spill over occasionally..
well ok,
most days!

wishing you a whimsical monday and lots of creative thoughts!

naturally Carol xox


  1. Oh, Carol, that swing fabric is just delightful! I love the whimsy. J x

  2. I love this one, it is just gorgeous!
    I got to get me some sherbet pips, it is too good!
    Let your loony side show, nothing wrong with it in my opinion :)

  3. I Love this Fabric & it looks Gorgeous in this pillow shape...the frill really adds a pretty touch...

  4. Those swinging girls look so cute and blissfully happy! What a gorgeous cushion! X

  5. You have a madeitshop! now that is must checkout!! Love the new work Carol. Cazxx

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  7. opps!

    Gorgeous! Very whimsical and pretty. xoxox

    Kell x

  8. I like the word whimsical. It sums up the day perfectly.

  9. Hi and welcome to my newest blog follower! Your blog is so cute and so are those pillows!

  10. Ah!! Such fond memories of days on the swings. =)

  11. Gorgeous cushions! The swinging girls are too lovely! Have a wonderful day, Kellie xx

  12. Another adorable cushion, Carol. The girls on swings is probably my favorite of the Sherbet Pips line. So cute!

  13. You can chat about whatever you like in your space...and we will go along for the ride and enjoy it with you.

  14. A very sweet cushion, beautifully made- I love the little swinging girls fabric. Hope you enjoy the rest of your week.
    Helen x

  15. Oh I LOVE this one! So much like a summer afternoon :)


i am delighted that you care enough to comment..i love to read each one of them..thank you!