Monday, May 30, 2011

Thanks a Bunch!

good morning!

i've been tagged for the 'versatile blogger award'
by beth from boatshedchic

thanks beth!

according to the rules:
to accept this award i have to write 7 little known things about myself...

  • i always wanted to live in the country..until i got here and was terrified of snakes and so live in the most built up part of town.
  • due to many failed or very average essays produced at school i never thought i could write and it still surprises me that anybody reads this blog.
  • when i get to choose the movies we watch in this house everybody is surprised when i actually choose one that we enjoy...i know how to pick the duds..they always have an interesting storyline on the case..that's my defense.
  • i don't have a favourite colour...or is that really that i do but they change a lot, depending on what fabric i'm looking at or how a room is designed or how i'm feeling on the day.
  • i often like a thing until everyone else seems to like it and then i get bored with it.
  • my newest project is always the one i like best.
  • i used to hate aniseed flavoured i love it!
now to pass this award on to some deserving recipients...
i have just picked 5 today of some people that write about all kinds of different subjects
in their blogs and do it well...
if you don't know these blogs
i recommend that you pop in for a these cheerful places
you will meet a few very accomplished women!

now to show you something a little different...

a couple of weeks ago i bought some vintage replica handkerchiefs
from simone at beach vintage..
i decided to make a throw over..
to keep flies off plates of food on a table,
usually used for morning or afternoon tea..while waiting for guests to arrive.

the hankies are light and delicately floral...

please pretend that it's covering a lovely cake on the table,
not just my bowl of fruit!

folded up after use on the back of a chair...

a close up of the seams and corners...
i made seams about 1.2 cm from the border of the hankies
and didn't quite go to the corners.
this means the corners flute up and form a little ruffley bit
which looks quite attractive.

i think my retro hankie throw
will get quite a lot of use from now on!

now...i have to inform my award winners...

naturally Carol xox


  1. Hi there Carol!
    Love, Love, Love the retro Hankerchief throw...what a fab idea. It looks easy to make too, which I like, as I am still getting my stitch together! Might attempt one myself. I have been saving squares of vintage fabrics and remnants of old dresses that no longer fit to make into something just like this. Thanks for the idea.

    And thanks for the versatile blogger award...we think you are awesome!

    Nic xo

  2. I love the vintage hanky throw, gorgeous! I still remember using pretty hankies like this as a child. My mama still carries one with her everywhere. They're beautiful. Shame the world turned to tissues... I guess they're just more convenient in the end.
    Thank you so much for your supportive comments on my post over the weekend Carol. Reading those words made me feel a little better about my situation with returning to work. It is something I have an inner battle with. :o)

  3. Hi Carol!
    Congrats on your award! You definitely deserve it! Love your handkerchief throw, it's such a great idea! I'm just starting to learn how to sew and you are bringing me big inspirations!
    Thank you for your sharing and hope you have a gorgeous new week!!!
    Love, xoxo

  4. Aw, Carol, thank you for the award! You are so sweet to think of me! I shall have to have a good think about what to say. Your hankie throwover is so pretty!! Something like that would be perfect for when we eat outside on the deck.

  5. And congratulations to you, on your award from boatshedchic!

  6. Wow Carol, looks fantastic, would never have thought of that. Well done. Congrats on your award, I love boatshedchic. Great blog.

  7. beautiful work!! and congrats on the lovely award. sorry - typing with a pink person on my lap.

  8. Gorgeous! What a great idea to make the seams like this. Looking at the first photo of the finished throw, I thought you gave it a lace border. Would be great too, don't you think?

  9. Love the hankie throw, it is very pretty.

    The glady's are lovely too, did you grow them?

  10. Congratulations on your award!!

    And lovely flowers and throw. You are very creative -- adn the result is beautiful.

  11. Hello Carol,

    wath a creat idee.
    I like it very match...

    greatings send you Conny

  12. The handkerchiefs are beautiful!! I like how you combined them.

    Congratulations on the award!

  13. Oh, I love the handkerchief throw. Hankies always remind me of my grandma and my mother-in-law (both passed away several years ago). What a great idea.

  14. congratulations Carol - you deserve it! And thanks so much for passing the award our way and your kind words. We love to see your comments over at Alice!

    Gill xo

  15. congratulations, carol! i love what you did with those beautiful hankerchiefs - so pretty and useful, too :)

  16. Love the hanky plan...must rustle up some I have tucked away and pinch your idea :)

  17. I love when you share more about yourself, Carol, because I think you are so interesting over there on the other side of the planet. Your retro hankie throw over is gorgeous! What an idea!


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