Saturday, May 14, 2011

Scooting Along!

good afternoon!

yesterday was a wipe out..
my connection to blogger was under reconstruction..again.
i couldn't write a post or comment on yours!

so i read your blogs and finished off a cushion or two
won a few battles on the telephone..haha!
a friend forgot we were having coffee together,
so i felt rejected..and then got over!

today though, it's all good.

mr w is home for the weekend
and i had someone warm to snuggle up to on a cold night..yay!
blogger works again..yay!
we have just spent the morning shopping..big yay!
and i've just eaten a very healthy yummy chicken salad for lunch..yay for me!
so the world is ok again.

here's a little look at the sherbet pips cushion i made..
there'll be another one on the next post..probably.

i've never made a rectangular cover before
so this is a first for me..
i've never made a little frilly end on one before either..
so another first!

i love the puppies running after the scooting people
the scarf fabric that matches the scarves on the people
so cute!

the back...
 buttons, scarves and frill.

the next one is all about girls on swings...
that just about sums up my week,
full of ups and downs!

sometimes i need weeks like these though
so my head shrinks to where it should be
and my ego doesn't get in the way of my life..too much..hehe!
it's always difficult at the time to learn the lessons of life
but is better in the long run.

i hope you didn't need as many life lessons as i did this week..
have a great weekend!

naturally Carol xox


  1. Oh, days like that are an emotional rollercoaster. I was bummed that Blogger was down most of yesterday too. But at least it's back up again.

    I love your cushions, and just so happen to have my lovely new one made with heaps of love on my bed now. Though my husband did say... "Don't we have enough cushions on the bed?" Of course, it's true, but don't tell him that!

    Thank you again. It's so wonderful to have a bit of your hand made love on my bed. xx

  2. Blogger being offline all day was hard; hope they've sorted out the gremlins now!!

    Another lovely cushion!

  3. What a fun pretty cushion Love the new shape!

  4. What a wonderful day you had. I love days like that ;-)

  5. Blogger has been broken since Thursday at my place. So annoying! Love the new cushion--you surprised us all by changing the shape! Love it.

  6. You do such an awesome job on your cushions. I have to confess, the Sherbet Pips line didn't appeal to me as much as it seemed for others, but I just love how you used it here. The scarf fabric on the one end is great. And then the ruffle on that same end accentuates the scarf effect. Wow! Looking forward to your next cushion!!

  7. Love the fabric and the shape, and the frill! Isn't Sherbet Pips a wonderful name? Glad you had a nice day after the not so good one! Hope tomorrow is a nice one too.
    Helen x

  8. That cushion is so gorgeous, I adore pinks and greys together. The patterns are perfect together and the ruffle at the end is scrummy! Hopefully blogger will sort itself and behave now! X

  9. Hi Carol, We all had the blogger problem on Friday. I was hoping to do my post that I have got organized but NO, Not to happen! I thought of you and all those beaut bloggers who I love and reminded myself how frustrated you would all be feeling. So great to share the same woes. Really in the big picture how lucky are we? To have such small irritations. I did panic that What if dear blogger is no more how sad would we be? So I reread some old magazines and got a WOW Factor Idea for some graphic projects and spent the time merrily creating! Yeah! I decided that the post could wait another few days anyway. My slow old computer wouldn't even let me view other blogs!!!!!! Hope you have a great week-end. I am relaxing in the fresh country side and the sun has started to shine and all is happy ;) Hope you are enjoying it too.

  10. Carol it is beautiful, the material, the style and the shape. I wish I had more time to sew. It will come. Charmaine

  11. Oh! Just noticed your beautiful new header.
    WOW I love it!

  12. Some weeks I wonder if I'm totally losing it - such are the swings and roundabouts. Feeling up and feeling down, sometimes in the space of half an house. Crazy life. Love it, though. It's all part of the charm.

    I also love the new header. It's beautiful. x

  13. Hi Carol,I also had the blogger problem.The lovely comment you left on my last post was unable to be published..I was so always gorgeous pillows and the one you sent me is looking fab in the lounge room..xx

  14. Dear Carol! What a wonderful fabrics which became a really beautiful pillow!
    Sunny wishes from Teje

  15. Sorry for the crazy week--but I just love the rectangular cushion! It's adorable, the shape is lovely, and the ruffle is fun! Beautiful, as always. =)

  16. I love the shape of this, Carol. And the ruffle down one edge is a fantastic touch. Great cushion!


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