Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Whatever Happened Yesterday?

good afternoon!

i am so pleased to be able to write this.
i went to write a post
it loaded this page with errors.
only half the editing options showed
i couldn't write anything but the post title???

what the????

today i am showing you the last of the cushions
i've received for the good people of theodore
who were badly affected by the january floods in queensland.

i think we've just about decked the town out with cushions!
{that's how it feels anyway!!}

the first few are from caroline

lavender & hearts
with my lovely mum's day flowers
from a friend of mr p's!

caroline is an expert
at creating rosettes and flowers out of fabric!

polished cotton and rich colours...

i called this one the
'orange explosion' cushion...
the satin and soft purple dyed cotton
are very soft and tactile.

now the next few cushions are from
'the spangler' who may be found at

the 'gardener's' cushion
soft green and fushia...

not for the faint hearted...
skulls and crossbones!!

'dora the explorer'..this one will be popular!

and so will this...

'flower fairies' for little girls.

all of these delightful cushions
have already been mailed to jenny at theodore
and will be distributed to either the school
or to people in need.

i want to thank everybody who has taken part in
providing the amazing cushions that have gone to theodore.

if you look back through this blog...
from the end of january
a whole team of people
have made so many beautiful handmade cushions
or provided georgeous fabric for them.

your kindness has amazed and thrilled me
and totally overwhelmed the people they've been sent to.
you have touched them and encouraged them
beyond what i could have hoped for at the beginning
of this venture...

thank you!!!

thank you also for all your sweet comments
re the pearl necklace...
yes, he's a special young man
from reading your blogs
i know you've got pretty special kids too!!

have a terrific tuesday...

naturally Carol xox


  1. I've loved seeing these cushion creations - the fabrics are all so pretty.

  2. Hello, carol,
    the first is soo sooo sweet.I love it.hugs Conny

  3. Hiya mate, Still here in MacKay. Can you please make me a Dora Cushion for my grandson Zai, he loves Dora, and can take her to bed then. I will pay for it when I get back home. Much love Crystal x

  4. Some lovely cushions today - I really love the lavender and hearts one and the children's ones are so nice and bright. Well done on all the cushion organising for such a good cause. Hope you're having a happy week. Helen x

  5. You have had such a lovely array of cushions over the few months you have been collecting....it was a brilliant idea.

  6. Some little girls are going to love the Dora and fairy pillows. All of the pillows are beautiful and will be much appreciated. It has been overwhelming to see the number of cushions that were sent to help. Amazing. You did a fantastic job organizing this, Carol.

  7. There's some beauties there Carol. Faves include the pretty lavender blue one and the starburst. Nice! x

  8. Oh carol what a beautiful collection it is ...
    i love the polished cotton black cushion most. what strong colour it has... all are so cute...
    Hope you would like to feel the beauty and fragrance of flowers at

  9. Gorgeous as ever. LOVE LOVE your new header!! So you :-)

  10. Carol - you do inspire me. A lovely gesture for people who really need a few lovely gestures right now.

    I do like the gardener's cushion

    Gill xo


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