Thursday, May 5, 2011

Snowy & Miss Ted!

hi there!

in the early hours of the morning
i was dreaming of sewing something different..

well it ended up that it wasn't too different
but just a kind of mini me different!

snowy and miss ted needed a new portrait taken,
so they agreed to model this new piece of clothing for me...haha!

'snowy' belongs to my brother,
he lives here on a semi permanent basis,
but may be called upon at any moment
to go back and live with mr b.

miss ted belongs to mr s
and mr s is overseas.
miss ted may be called upon in the future
to be part of his family again too.

until then they are happily living together with me!

miss ted's new apron has a little selvedge tag
and pretty yellow ric rac braid...
just like the big aprons.
{there's a little pocket as well!}

aww! i just happened to click
as she upped and turned around...
it's a little bit blurry!

the perfect portrait at last.

snowy is a lot older than miss ted.
she is only in her early thirties
whereas he is in his fifties.

if there was a tv series called
'grumpy old teds'
i think he should be in it!
she is as sweet natured as they come.

have a sweet thursday
and make something different for a change...

naturally Carol xox

ps...sorry about not showing caroline's cushions today..they'll have to be later..the creative urge usurped their place..sorry caroline!


  1. What a great mini apron ;) Miss Ted must be thrilled!

  2. That's just so cute! Though Snowy is a bit of a cradle snatcher I think Miss T's apron is adorable.

  3. That is one super cute teddy apron!

  4. Oh that is a super super cute little apron! Your models appear to be very obliging too, I would not turn around for a camera with just an apron on! x

  5. They are cute Carol. Glad you got them to stand still long enough to get the perfect portrait :)

  6. What a lovely couple! Just give them my compliments on behaving so well when being photographed!

  7. I think you are right about the 'grumpy old teds' :-)

  8. Cute! I really like the cushion in the pics too.

  9. Oh so cute! I love the little apron!

  10. So cute! Love the new portraits! :)

  11. oh my gosh, how cute! you always make me smile with your crafty creations. have missed a few days of your blog - been busy with well, you know, life stuff! nice to pop back by!

    Gill xo

  12. This is too adorable, Carol. Love the little apron!

  13. It looks like they couldn't be in better hands right now. x

  14. Cute apron! Cute pillow in the back, too! Did you make that? I found you at What Allie's Making Blog hop. I'm your newest follower. I'm hosting a blog hop also. I hope you come by and link up your cute stuff!

  15. Hi Carol,
    These are very cute!
    Beth x


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