Monday, June 13, 2011

On Form!

good afternoon!

today is queen's birthday weekend in australia..
with the exception of western australia.

it's a bit funny really
as the queen's birthday..queen elizabeth that is..
is really in april, i think!

anyway, it's been a lovely weekend.
mr w came down on friday
and so did mr m..
so we have enjoyed beautiful dinners
and our family around us once again..
with the exceptions of mr taiwan
and miss b in canada..and they were missed!

last week my monitor was mucking around
and sometimes deciding to put on a display
and sometimes not..
so we've dumped him
and got in a new model.
i've never had a screen show like this before!

i also got a new hi definition box for my tv
so i can get all of the free to air channels now..
so i've been spoiled in the tech area this weekend.

i did get around to sewing a little though
and used some of the delightful 'dress form' fabric
i've had sitting there for a while...

i love all the fifties shapes of these
and the sharp contrast of black and white on this fabric!

i used the most dramatically shaped black buttons that i had
and some plain black fabric to show up the design more.
today we are enjoying some of this again...

and the day is warm.

i'm so glad it's a good day for the boys to travel with..
i hate it when they have to go on roads that are wet
or foggy!

have a sunny monday...
wherever you are in the world,
if the weather is not
i hope it's sunny in your heart!

naturally Carol xox

ps...this one's still available   sold


  1. It is a lovely day for a change today isn't it? A real treat for a public holiday. I LOVE that fabric. Absolutely gorgeous!

  2. Stylish cushion in black and white. We are having a quite day at home and watching the AFL on TV Collingwood and Melbourne. Half time so thought I would check my blog.

  3. That is such lovely fabric!! Very stylish!

    Do you get a public holiday for the Queen's official birthday? That's lucky - the Brits don't even get that!! I guess her official birthday is timed for the best weather in Britain for a big parade - quite a small window of opportunity!! They were lucy for Trooping the Colour on Saturday as it tipped with rain across the country yesterday.

  4. Very stylish indeed! Weather is cold down here in Victoria - but not raining thankfully. We've had a quiet day off after a very hectic week (organising b'day parties and such). Enjoy those beautiful blue skies. Cazxx

  5. Tres Chic!

    Glad you had a lovely time with your family.

    It was all grey , bitterly cold and raining all day here. But yes sunny in my heart.


  6. Oh, I do wish I had your sunshine Carol :( its just miserable over here. You are like a machine pumping out gorgeous cushions everyday, whats your secret?!! wish i had your stamina!!!
    Laura xx

  7. We had a lovely long weekend in dry, cold Canberra. It was a treat. So glad you enjoyed yours' too. x

  8. Sounds like a great and presents oh and sunshine....hope your week is more of the same.

  9. It's a glorious spring day here at the cottage!!! I feel a day spent in the garden coming my way...and an evening meal served on the patio. Isn't God good!

    So glad you enjoyed a family filled week end. They are the best!

    Lovely cushion by the way...but then all your cushions are lovely.

    Have a wonderful evening Carol.


  10. Glad to hear that you got to spend some time with your family, Carol. I love the dress form fabric.

  11. A deliciously funky cushion Carol. Love the colour and design :o)
    Lucky you experiencing some blue skies and sunshine for your long weekend... it sounds like you had a great one! xo

  12. Ooh--love that fabric. What a great cushion!

  13. Hello Carol, I am so amazed at the Queen, she does have her birthday in April, yet looks so great for 85yrs..and the Duke just turned 90.
    Your cushions are always so wonderful. It's good to be back home, but I wish the cold would disappear. xxx

  14. Hi Carol! You are so talented making those delightful pillows! Great job and cute material! We had a beautifully sunny day here, too in the U.S. A perfect summer day! :)

    xoxo laurie

  15. The fabric is gorgeous as always. I'm really amazed how you pick out the best ones. (joni)

  16. I just love your cushions and I think of you everytime I walk past our bedroom and your cushion and front and centre. It's so beautiful (as is this one!) xx

  17. Hi Carol

    Me again! I love your pillows, specially this one:

    Do you have an Etsy store?


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