Monday, June 20, 2011

Thinking of my Boys!

good morning!

it's a fresh and crispy cool morning here
and very beautiful
with sparkly frosty bits
and blue skies.

my mr w slipped through the pay system
at work last week
i got a phone call this morning
to say
he hadn't eaten all weekend
and was 7 km from work
hoping he had enough petrol to make it there...
as mum's need to do in a crisis
i'm running to the bank this morning
just as soon as it opens!

have you ever been called up like this?

another son
is snuggled up in bed still,
next to this...

my husband and his boss drink this brand of stuff
every day at work.
mr w would get his bosses labels and his own
and send them off.
we received four..yes 4 towels from them
over the life of the giveaway.

they are not very thick ones
but are soft and velvety
and make a great cushion cover!

i took a few inches off either side,
wrapped it around the cushion insert
secured it with sewn in bits of velcro..
easy peasy!

the ads said that 'things go better with'..this brand
so mr p
will be sleeping like a!
{he's allowed to this's his day off}

i'll let you know how mr m went...

i'm on my way!

to all you superwomen out there
saving your corners of the universe...

have a supercharged monday!
{with no kryptonite in sight...}

{super}naturally Carol xox

update 9.50am..made it to prayer answered! money in bank..1.7km to nearest servo for petrol and put fuel in his tank and his cars tank at 10.00 am morning tea break!


  1. The things us mums do hey...


  2. what a fun cushion cover. I agree with Kimmie the things mums do.

  3. You're a superwoman, supermom!

  4. Love the cushion. Yes, I have had a few of those days...glad things worked out for you and yours. Blessings!

  5. Yes, you are superwoman. Where would they be without you? Gill xo

  6. How nice that whatever age they are they still need and love their mum....have a lovely week.

  7. Have I told you before Carol that I love your outlook on life. Go supercarol! Hope your boy gets his pay - that is just not right!

  8. Awesome cushion! And I LOVE that stuff myself... though more the diet variety :o) I think Coke would love that cushion advertising their brand :o) You're a great Mum Carol, it is true what they say, you never stop being a Mama xo

  9. I think all mums are superhuman! Just having a baby is a demonstration of strength and resolve! The things we do.... well.... that would be EVERYTHING!!!! I love that cushion! X

  10. Hello! Fun to find a blog from another side of the world. Will visit your blog from time to time. Have a nice day/night//Christina

  11. Your the best Carol. They are so blessed, I hope they realise they are.. See you tomorrow. I am still coughing and wheezing. xxx

  12. Hi Carol!!! I love the new look of your blog. Looks amazing!

    Those pillows are the coolest, you are a great mom :)

    I am glad you got prayer answered. There is no prayer that goes unanswered to God. I am glad this one turned favorable for you :)

    Hugs from California!

  13. I've received many of those phone calls - it's great to feel needed isn't it? Very clever cushion idea.
    Beth x

  14. I LOVE that cushion - such a great idea for a boy's room!! and you are such a lovely mum coming to your boy's rescue - like we mums do when those calls come! Have a happy week.
    Helen x

  15. I'm so happy for your sons, they have such a great Mom! :) I love all your cushions, they're gorgeous as always!
    Take good care and hope you have a wonderful week! xoxo

  16. Mum to the rescue..Again!!..xx

  17. Yay for us super mums, saving the corners of our universes! Love it!!! :) xx

  18. Your boys are so lucky... And I am not a Coke fan, but I love your Coke cushion, much better than the real thing ;)

  19. Looks wonderful! I'm pretty sure they're going to love it! Have a beautiful day, Kellie xx


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