Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Basking in the Sun!

good afternoon!


it is a very good afternoon.

{no, not is weatherwise
very dull and getting colder by the minute..haha!}

i am feeling a warm glow
for making my little speech
last night
and getting through it ok!

just getting all my
jagged feelings out there on monday
helped enormously
to bring my focus
to the task at hand.

so this morning,
is the morning after...
i did a bit of sewing to relax and celebrate
the completion of this task
{and overcoming that little fear of speaking in public
and having a group of people think about what i said!}

this is a shocker..
or at least the colour is!

in 'person' it's an acid yellow
reminding me of new leaves in a rainforest..

the reverse side
reminds me of looking down at the tops of a hundred palm trees...

her name is 'island girl'!

if you're needing a bit of pop, fizz and pep

this cushion is just for you...

it lives "on the edge"!!

i have just had a bit of an epiphany
re the last few days..
and am thinking that sometimes the very things
we procrastinate on
{because they are risky
or take a lot of thought
or are a bit scarey when we haven't done them for a while
or at all...}

can be the most worthwhile!

'just do it'

"bask in the sun"

with a grin on your face...

looking for another mountain to climb!

have a lovely wednesday...

naturally Carol xox

ps...'island girl' cushion available at


  1. Carol, I really love all the stories behind your cushions. One day, I will do my own version and I will proudly show it to you xx

  2. Glad it went well, Carol. It's always hard to do things out of our comfort zone.... and 15 minutes is quite a long time to be stood up in front of people if you're not used to it. Now, the cushion is definitely in your comfort zone - looks very summery!!

  3. Hi Carol! Your cushion looks great as always! I love it, the colors look comfy and fresh! Thank you for sharing the stories, I really enjoy it!
    Have a lovely day! xo

  4. So gorgeous! The patterns are amazing! Have a beautiful day, Kellie xx

  5. Dea Carol, what a happy and beautiful fabrics again! So wonderful pillow!
    Have a lovely time!
    xxx Teje
    PS. Thank you for a tip about the air plane fabric!

  6. Such brilliant advice Carol - I often like to stop and consider what's standing between me and my goals when I'm struggling to achieve them. Sometimes it means a re-evaluatation, but sometimes it just means I need to push on a bit harder.
    Love that green/yellow colour - so vibrant and summery (not at all like melb at the moment!!)

  7. Yay you Carol! 15 mins is a long time when you are feeling nervous. Sounds like it went well.

    I love the bright colours of this cushion.


  8. The colours look great in the picture!

  9. Well done Carol!! yay for you ....and please send some sun down south for me :)

  10. So glad everything went well! I'm absolutely positive it was a great speech! Love the pillow! The two fabrics together look great. Here's to just doing it!! :-)

  11. So happy for you that all went well...and I am sure there are a whole lot of people left pondering on your words of wisdom. Good for you taking the challenge.

  12. Wowser, that's a nice happy one. I'm on a cushion making exercise at the moment, it's fun isn't it?!

  13. Congratulation on getting throug your speach! Did I get it right when I understand that Procrasti....somthing... was the chosen topic of speack? Well any how I too know that problem to well. But you sure dont have it when it comes to cushions! I am completely in love with the Come Fly with me- cushions as my dad flew during WW2.

    Love from Malena in Oslo :)

  14. Carol you're so clever! You know you won the DVD from my giveaway a while ago don't you? Do email me when you have time so you can get your prize sent out x

  15. I am totally hopeless at public speaking. Well done.

    The fabric of the cushion is pretty spunky.


  16. Hi Carol, I really am trying to smile....even though it is 12 degress outside today. Its so so COLD! Have a great weekend.

  17. Congrats on getting through your speech! I love the contrast between the front and back of the "island girl" pillow. Beautiful!

  18. Wow! I'm all for 'Island Girl', that's a beautiful creation Carol. Funky and bright, looking at it would have to make you smile :o)


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