Monday, June 6, 2011

Dancing In the Shadows...

good afternoon!

i'm reflecting today
and doing a bit of navel gazing..
join me if you want to.

i have a list of excuses a mile long...

but they just don't cut it.

i have a talk to prepare for tomorrow night
for a week
various ideas have been swirling around in my head...

i've been asking them
are you the one..
the theme?
the topic?

...and then my thoughts progress
through other stages
of excitement
and angst.

after a few days i have found
they keep returning
to a particular reference
i think i've got a topic now.

have i written anything down?


my brain is screaming at me...

write it down!

organise those thoughts..
but still i don't.

what's wrong with me?



the deadline grows closer...
closing in on me
by the minute.

shadows & reflections...

i'm dancing in the shadows of life...
not participating...

that's what procrastination produces,
shadows and reflections...
nothing concrete, nothing real...
time slips away with nothing produced
except guilt!

i confess i'm guilty,
now to repent and get on with the


i'm so tired of,
why is trying to do nothing so wearying?

i even feel energised just making up my mind
to get on with it..
 just do it!

see you around..
i have work to do.

naturally Carol xox


  1. yes proscrastination drains the energy. Good you made some decisions. Nice photos.

  2. I agree; procrastination is dreadful, but on the other hand I usually have lots of energy after a day like that. Somehow I just have to get through it to go on again.
    Have a great day!

  3. Good luck with getting on and doing it, Carol! It's quite normal I believe to not quite be able to get started when writing you say you have to 'just do it'. Hope you do, and have a happy week too!
    Helen x

  4. What a great post. I really enjoyed reading it and the way the photos added to the story! I hope you enjoyed 'just doing it' and are now fully energised and looking forward to living more life! Cazx

  5. Oh, I can so relate to this. Good luck with whatever you are about to write, I am sure it will come together for you just on time. It always does.

  6. A definitive path and clear mind always makes me feel more energised too Carol. Shame I am so often dancing in the shadows also. Hope you found the light and can rest easy as a result.
    P.S. That led light window is glorious :o)

  7. I know exactly how you feel and have found myself there often. But even tho you feel like you're doing nothing, your ideas may just be fermenting and coming together. It's a process and sometimes that "crunch" moment gives you the final creative edge you need to put it all together. Hope this is the case for you! Good luck!

  8. Hi Carol, I have not given up and think that I have found the answer to not being able to comment, getting kicked off and being anonymous!
    When you log into Blogger you need to
    untick the box next to keep me signed in.
    Then your user name shows up in the comment as
    area again! Also it is showing on the top of the
    page also.
    Happy, Happy!

  9. Hi carol,
    I too am procrastinating right now - I'm meant to be working but am blogging instead. Re the Red Velvet Cupcakes, I can't remember which recipe I used. I googled it and a whole lot came up. Just give one a try.
    Beth x

  10. Blogging can be a great way to procrastinate but hen you get such great feedback it really spurs you on dont you think?

    Take care

    jill x

  11. Thank you for your kind words yesterday.

    Good luck with your talk. May the words flow naturally and may you feel at peace in your preparations.

  12. Oh what lovely images and true words.... sometimes we need to take a bit of extra time..... to do it right, even if it takes more time, in the end! X

  13. Oh how this post made me smile!
    And then remember to breathe... ahhh sigh.. ahhh..and get on with it! love it!

  14. Hope you have managed to pull it all together ...this post sounded like the start of something good to talk about!

  15. I think you're just nervous. The nerves are good because it means that you care which also means that you're going make it through fabulously. Good luck, Kellie xx

  16. Hi Carol, Hoping all is well with you and lust letting you know you are not alone in procrastinating. (Gee, that is a long word!)

    I can only do things when I am ready.

    Pam x

  17. What a profound post today, Carol. Shadows and reflections and procrastination. Great comparison.


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