Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A Purple Paisley Pair..

good morning!

thank you for popping in to see me.
i don't know whether i've told you lately
that i really appreciate your visits...
and a big welcome to you
new friends and old!

well, if you popped in to my real house this morning,
you'd find me hibernating a bit today.
the heater's on 'cos it's cold outside..
a kind of dreary looking day.

i've got a throat, slightly scratchy and sore
so i'm nursing it with rest
and the house is comfy and cosy
even though it doesn't look it's best!

i was quite industrious
having got this purple paisley in the mail...

i made a pair of purple paisleys..
and called them 'paisley 'if' and 'y'...




i reckon you'll dig these
if you're a real hippie chick
or just a girl lovin' those sixties and seventies kinda days.

i've matched the backs...

so they look just the same..

one each way...

or maybe with this georgeous fancy pink plate
that my parents gave me for christmas one year.

this purple paisley pair
will look great anywhere!

i'm stocking my little 'madeit' shop
with these two today..
they are 40 cm or 16" square
and being sold as a pair.

{i've had to take action,
as my shelves in there..were getting bare!}

i hope your enjoying a terrific tuesday
whether lying low like me
or as busy as can be...

naturally Carol xox


  1. OoooOoooh love those paisley cushions~!

  2. I am loving the purple paisley, Carol. Fantastic!

  3. Now these are cool! Love the alliteration - purple paisley pair. Perfect

    Gill xo

  4. Paisley is one of my favourite print in fabric and how darling the colour is... just simply one of my favourite...
    Visit me if you can

  5. Now they are grooooovy! I love them, they are very gorgeous with that plate too! X

  6. oooh, gorgeous pair. Love, love the purple paisley!

  7. Gorgeous cushions Carol. Thanks for visiting my blog today.

  8. Hello Carol! Your cushions are again so beautiful! What a lovely fabric and colour!
    xxx Teje

  9. Ooh, lovely fabric, and I absolutely adore the back with the big buttons! Sending sunshine, we've got lots of it here! :o)

  10. Oh Carol - those are divine!! I love purple and I love paisley!! Big winner in my book!!
    Nice one :-)


  11. I totally dig these Carol, they're gorgeous! Love purple, it's such a passionate colour in my mind. Also loving the backs of these cushions and the little if and y tags, perfect! xo

  12. I love the purple paisley! Of course, I am a 70's kinda of gale! Blessings!

  13. Beautiful! I love both purple and paisley. Well done!

  14. Gorgeous fabric! Have a wonderful day, Kellie xx

  15. The plate and the pillow are just perfect for one another!! I do love that 60's style!

  16. Carol, they are gorgeous. Love your bay window too. xx

  17. I grew up with paisley prints and still love it..your cushions are gorgeous.

  18. I am very glad to hear that your shelves are getting bare!! x

  19. I love the rich jewel shades and the paisley pattern you have used for these cushions. And the pretty plate matches perfectly! Have happy day, Carol!
    Helen x

  20. Get well fast Carol and once again you've outdone yourself xxx

  21. I`m a hippie chic and I love them. Hope you get weel fast. xxx

  22. You just don't do under the weather, do you? THERE WAS RHYMING!!!

  23. What a lovely blog. I'll be lurking around here for a while. If you'd like you can enter this precious giveaway. It's the last day to enter.

  24. Nice!! Love the combos with the buttons!

    It's been fun catching up on your projects again! I was gone for a few days, and I always love peeking through what you've done on "the other side of the world." ;-)


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