Wednesday, December 19, 2012

A Comfortable Place...

good afternoon!
it's so good to be sitting here again.
i've really missed you...
i know it's really only been a few days
but i love to get on here daily or at least every couple of days
and visit you all,
scattering comments like confetti,
laughing with you,
concerned for you and your families...maybe even shooting up a prayer...
or just quietly smiling as i read about your day.
this afternoon
i've realised that i feel relaxed here.
i can chat to you
and know that i've got a friend in you...
it is a comfortable place.
i've tried to be here this week
but i melted.
that day it was thirty nine degrees celsius here
and i could barely read my emails before finding a fan
in a cooler room!
i've still got a tiny bit of gift shopping to do
then i've really got to make out the lengthiest grocery list i'll have all year.
i think i'll take some strong men with me to help!
these delightfully wrapped gifts from giveaways at chantille-fleur
and bron@ taylor made arrived this week...
{thank you so much!}
and i know just what i'm going to do with them.
sarah jane's sweet presents are off to a three year old in cairns...far north queensland
bron's hand dyed pretty pink doilies are going to be attached to some more tiny totes
... all in good time.
wishing you all the cheeriest pre christmas week!
naturally Carol xox


  1. Hello Carol,

    thats so so sweet.

    I wish you a mery cristmas to.

    Hugs Conny

  2. Wishing you and your family a wonderful Christmas too Carol. And also maybe some cooler weather for you would be nice too!

  3. I am so glad they arrived...Australia Post can be very flakey at this time of the year. Look forward to seeing what you create with them. xxxx

  4. Beautiful post Carol and we miss you when you're not around for a few days too! Sometimes it is hard to keep up the regularity of blogging, but it is quite addictive and so easy to come back to, again and again. We have that same Christmas tree decoration in your first photo, so cute. Love the festive blog header also xo

    1. I noticed that in Gordon Ramsey's Christmas Special on Tuesday night, he had the same little wooden painted tree too!

  5. Your tree and presents look great (I know it's not this post you showed them!). I can't imagine preparing for and maybe celebrating Christmas with that kind of temperatures. Not that we have a white Christmas every year, but at least it's cold enough for warm drinks.

  6. Happy Christmas Carol! Hard to imagine Christmas and hot weather together ... especially the thought of producing Christmas dinner in a hot kitchen (or do you use the BBQ instead?!). After 10 days of snow and sub-zero temps things are looking up here from my perspective.... temperatures just above zero, all the snow melted and nothing to make going out difficult as I race around making final preparations. Much easier!!

    Hope you enjoy the holiday season with your family and that the temperatures are bearable!

    1. Actually most Christmasses we have used the roast the turkey. It does a fabulous job and keeps the heat outside. We usually cook it early before the heat arrives for the day and serve it up with lots of salads and then have a cold desert too. Anything chocolate or creamy has to stay in the fridge..and frosty cold drinks are the order of the day!

    2. Desert??..It sometimes feels as hot as a desert...but no, I meant dessert!

  7. We are melting here as well, though it hasn't gotten as high as 39 degrees, thank goodness! Poor Emerson has had heat rash on her face. The little ones seem more prone to it don't they? Love your giveaway wins. Very cute.

    Here's to a wonderful Christmas and a cool change soon! :)

  8. Hi Carol! So you are in far off Australia? I've visited your land twice and loved it each time. Enjoy your sunshine!

  9. Such a cute little tree! It's cold here, I'm dreaming of the sun and summer... lol always wanting what we don't have! Have a merry Christmas!!

  10. I've missed not seeing your daily posts :-) That little red tree is adorable and I love your Christmas header! So pretty <3
    Sarah xx

    PS I had to giggle when I read where you were sending the giveaway items - Cairns isn't so very far from where they originally came from :D

  11. Yes it is a lovely place to come back to, isn't it? x

  12. That is the cutest Christmas tree! Have a great Christmas, Carol.

    PS: I'm hosting my last giveaway for the year! It's an ecostore store gift pack valued at $100, hope you enter here:

  13. I have to say that Summer is not one of my favourite seasons, it's just way too hot. I hope that you are keeping cool at the moment, take care tomorrow it's supposed to be a stinker. xx


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