Monday, December 31, 2012

A Year Ago...

hello again!
christmas has come and gone for another year...
it's that wonderful inbetween week.
it's a relief that christmas was peaceful
that we were able to take the time and enjoy each other's company
enjoy the preparations this year...
even though the day itself was stinking hot
by afternoon, after lunch we were all having nana naps...
totally zoned out.
i was brought back to reality by a phone call from family in nz...
it was nine at night there,
three hours ahead of us
and i had forgotten to ring them...and i think they were ready for bed!
i have been quietly reading about all your fantastic celebrations
and enjoying them all.
well, a year ago...
mr w and i and our son {no 3 son, below in the photo} phil were in taiwan.
steve {no 1 son } & amy were getting married...
 happy first anniversary to you both!
interestingly this celebration was just for the 'westerners'...
they had been officially married in a celebrant's office beforehand.
that morning there was a formal ceremony at the bride's house
where her parents 'gave' her to steve
and he had successfully answered the questions asked of him
by amy's family and friends.
at this ceremony
when they both vowed before God to take care of each other
then celebrated with us all at the reception.
that night,
on new year's eve
we were able to view the new year's arrival..of 2012,
from amy's work's roof
which had a fabulous view of the taipei 101's fireworks...
the start of a new year brings hope...
what are you believing for in the new year?
naturally Carol xox
p.s..amy & steve are expecting a baby boy at the end of may!


  1. Carol, a huge congratulations on becoming a grandmother next year. Your Christmas sounded like it was quite relaxing. We had a very busy time but nonetheless we enjoyed spending time with all the family. Oh and way too much food! I havn't given much thought to the new year but I still have a few hours left....

  2. A lovely reflective post Carol :-) And congratulations on your wonderful news xx

  3. What a lovely post this is! Wishing you a brilliant 2013 - and congrats on the special news.
    Take care, xox

  4. A New year and a new baby, how wonderful!..xx

  5. A wonderful of the year this is.
    Wishing you an amazing year ahead.

  6. wonderful news. What an exciting 2013 ahead xx

  7. Oh Carol, I am soooo delighted you're going to become a grandmother next year. What a gorgeous blessing. Thanks for your kins company in Blogland this year - I have really appreciated it. Have a fabulous 2013, Carol. J x

  8. Lovely post Carol. Wishing you and yours a happy and blessed 2012. (Congrats on the baby news too - you will be a wonderful gran!) cheers Wendy

  9. What a lovely post, and congrats to them! Hope 2013 is just as good for you and your family. Xxx

  10. Oh, what wonderful news, an exciting year ahead Carol, Happy New Year, and thanks for supporting my little blog too xx

  11. Such a lovely post and happy pictures! And such wonderful baby news too! Wishing you a very Happy New year, Carol!
    Helen x

  12. Lovely photos Carol and great news about the baby. Happy New Year!

  13. Wow it is amazing what a year can bring...and what an exciting new year you will have as a family too....Happy New Year to you and your guys,. xxx

  14. Happy New Year Carol I'm sorry it's so belated. It's amazing that a year has already passed us by, so many wonderful things happened for you and your family last year may the new year bring many more. xx


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