Saturday, December 1, 2012

Aqua Hexie Cushion...

good afternoon!'s the first of december...the christmas month...
that deserves a little sparkle don't you think?
just to get you into the spirit of the season!
yesterday i was telling you about a mum
who is doing up her daughter's room
while she's away volunteering in thailand.
i volunteered to sew a couple of cushions
which will enhance the new decor.
the first one is finished...
it's not that i didn't want to sew it...
on the contrary,
i was so eager to get it started,
that after shopping in the cool of the morning,
i got home just as the room i sew in was heating up.
my cutting out was a near disaster
with a false start to the red fabric on the inch too narrow...
and having to be recut
then the sides of the hexies weren't straight
and i shaved off the edges...
getting it looking this good was a miracle!

my sewing machine computer
had a meltdown about buttonholes the other week
so i had to think of a different way to fasten the back of the cushion.
i went to lincraft and got some studs...silver and bronze.
just as well i bought a packet of twenty
'cos i hammered a piece upside down on the first attempt.
fortunately mr m was at hand and explained gently to my heat strained brain
how they work.
the test piece went ok ,
but i took his advice then and had a break and a banana sandwich.
revived and revitalised
the cushion ...studs 'n all...albeit slightly wonky
got completed.
well, that was quite a saga wasn't it?
moral of the story...
don't work in a hot, hot room
have lunch before you start!
take care...
naturally Carol xox



  1. Oh Carol I feel your Dilema in the heat...the cushion looks Lovely I'm sure it will suit the new decor well....
    Well Done

  2. You are the cushion queen!! This on is equally as lovely as all of the rest :)

  3. It's gorgeous I am sure it will finish off the room beautifully...we have had storms here ..not looking forward to the heat of the summer. xx

  4. Oh dear, that sounds like quite a mission! But the end result is truly fabulous and I'm sure she will just adore her new cushion :-)
    Have a great weekend,

  5. Lovely cushion Carol :-) It's certainly not the best weather at the moment...the heat takes it out of you!

  6. Your cushion looks lovely, Carol, despite the stress of its creation! I hope you have better temperatures today :) It seems hard to imagaine being hot at the is very cold indeed here today!!
    Wishing you a happy weekend.
    Helen x

  7. Poor Carol, but a beautiful result in the end! Love your cushion AND your sparkle xo

  8. You cushion is'd never know that you had so much trouble with it lol! Must be a relief that it's finished! <3

    Sarah xo

    PS isn't it scary that it is December already?!

  9. Oh no a rocky start to your cushion making but a beautiful creation in the end. xx

  10. Glad too hear someone else has a few sewing boo-boo's sometimes,looks lovely.


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