Friday, November 30, 2012

xox from Mum...

when most school leavers
are going to 'schoolie's week' down at the coast,
my friend's daughter has gone to thailand
to help at 'destiny rescue'.
{a halfway house/charity that gives young women a chance at another life style
after they have been sold or enslaved, against their will, into a life of prostitution.}
she has gone armed with small gifts
her guitar.
her aim is just to encourage them in their new journey
and to make some new friends.
her mum is a legend.
as well as making and selling
hundreds of jars of homemade jam,
lemon and passionfruit butter
for her daughter's trip
she is renovating her bedroom
while she's away.
the windows have all been reputtied
and the walls undercoated.
 a couple of friends and i went around there this morning
and my job was to sand down the furniture
ready for painting...white.
there will be white walls
except for one...
this fabric
will be made into cushions for her bed...

i hope it will be the best surprise for her!
was mary's funeral...
a young woman, a friends daughter,
who died going to work a week and a half ago.
rest in peace, mary.
she had a smile as wide as the sky,
an infectious laugh
was a loyal mate
with a passion for life & love.
a bag to make...two cushions & an apron.
well, that's the plan.
what have you got planned for the weekend?
whatever it is..
do it with all your heart...
naturally Carol xox


  1. What a lovely surprise for this lovely young woman! All the best to her!
    I will be doing macramé ...again :)

  2. This should be a lovely surpirse for your friend's daughter. Much better use going to schoolies! That fabric will make such lovely cushions!
    I'm not sure what we'll be doing over the weekend, you never know what the animals will have in store for us each day on our farm! lol

    Enjoy the weekend,
    Sarah xo

  3. What a great story of using schoolies leave in such a positive bowls up so many changes and they can all happen in such a short space of each is not to be taken for granted. xxx

  4. Loved your story Carol! Nice surprise, I love make surprises! The fabrics are adorable.
    This weekend I'll make my Christmas decorations, usually we make it at first December, I'm so excited :)
    Have a wonderful weekend!
    Hugs from Portugal,

    Ana Love Craft

  5. So sad when someone dies so young.

    I am sure your friends daughters will love her new look room when. She comes home from her trip.
    Your plans for the weekend sound busy, have fun! Xxx

  6. Lovely idea! What a nice surprise the re-done room will be for your friend's daughter. And I love the fabric for the cushions :)
    Wishing you a happy weekend, Carol.
    Helen x

  7. Such a wonderful surprise to do!! I am sure she will love it all!! The fabric is so sweet! Have a wonderful weekend! xo Heather

  8. What a fantastic gift for someone who obviously deserves it, forgoing that silly schoolies thing for something much more valuable x

  9. What a beautiful thing for this girl to do, to help others she will go far with this type of attitude. I hope she enjoys her surprise, it sounds like a wonderful thing to come home to. xx


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