Saturday, November 17, 2012

Lovely in Lavender...

but even better
spiced up with a bit of paisley!
this is the second out of three
that i'm making for my friend debbie.
the first was for her daughter,
this one will be for her
the third
for her to give away at christmas.

the bag was made from an amy butler fabric
and was beautiful to sew.
i'm a real amy butler fan.
her fabrics are always beautiful quality
and the colours always better in real life than on the screen.

these baby staghorns
have been growing here for over a year now.
i am thrilled
'cos when i lived in canberra
i tried to grow ferns from seed.
they germinated
but the humidity level is normally very low
and i didn't have much success beyond that.
here, living on the trunk of an old jacaranda
these have sprung up naturally!
they're living on the west side of the house
where they're shaded in the morning
and in the afternoon
they are shaded by the tree and the fence
so they thrive.

this hardy fern
grows verdantly out of an old tree stump!
it shrinks away over the cold and dry of winter
then springs back to life every spring.
we are expecting a super cell to hit later today
and the air is so thick and muggy
i think i'm turning into a puddle
and will melt away through the floorboards soon
if it doesn't rain soon!
i hope you're not feeling quite so uncomfortable!
naturally Carol xox


  1. Another lovely bag! I love paisley. Over here in NZ it is a rather cool, rainy day. No melting for us! love Jillxx

  2. Another beautiful bag Carol! We had a big storm this morning about 10 but the weather bureau reckons there are more on the way. Hopefully won't be any real damage up your way :-)

  3. I love Amy Butler fabric too ... and it's ideal for making bags! That's another lovely bag - I'm sure your friend will love it.

    Hope it isn't too hot and humid for you - just 3 degrees C here this morning and very, very grey ... typical November really!

  4. Such a beautiful bag Carol and I love those staghorns...

    I hear the storm has hit up your way, so please stay safe.


  5. such a beautiful bag, it looks amazing nestled in the ferns, I have never saw those ferns before, they are beautiful, its snowing here,

  6. Such a pretty bag, I love the lavender shades, the mix of patterns and the little word decoration. Your ferns look so lush and green! Ours have all turned autumnal orange now.
    Have a happy weekend, Carol.
    Helen x

  7. A pretty lavender bag! Today has been a rainy and cozy day!! Enjoy your weekend! xo Heather

  8. I was just looking at some of the storm pics in Brisbane yesterday...
    I hope you are alright and all that you received was a lovely cooling shower!

    Your bag is very pretty, what a lucky friend!

  9. Your bag is so pretty!
    We have some staghorns growing on the trunk of our tipuana tree out the front. We water them from time to time especially when the weather is dry.
    Hope you are safe and sound after yesterdays storms. We were in Caloundra last night - it was quite a lightning show. We received some lovely rain at home (Maleny) during the night.

  10. I do love the colour combination and pattern of that fabric, the bag turned out beautifully Carol. I hope that you got some much needed rain and that there wasn't any damage your way. xx


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