Saturday, November 3, 2012

For Her...

hi there
i've just come home from 'for her'
i'm buzzing...too awake to go to bed yet...even though i should,
i've got to be up and out of the house by a quarter past eight tomorrow morning!
it has been a stunning night.
the speaker was alison buttenshaw from newcastle,
she spoke about her experiences
and about forgiveness.
her father was killed by her brother
when she was only ten.
she saw a lot and had a lot to forgive.
she has written a book called 'out of the shadows'
which describes her journey from pain to freedom and healing.
it wasn't until she was preparing for her wedding
that she realised more deeply what she had lost,
not having a dad to walk her down the aisle among other things.
she chose to forgive her brother
despite the destruction that had happened to her family.
she finally found the courage to forgive
and found peace.
she talked about the damage that harbouring bitterness causes...
she quoted someone who said...
unforgiveness is like drinking poison
and hoping the other person dies.
very strong words.
afterwards there was time to talk,
eat cake and drink tea
at tables that were lit with candles and strewn with pretty stones
and glass jars with lights and baby parasols and tied with ribbons.
we even got to take home a party favour!

aren't the hearts scrumptious?
they'd look great done up in christmas colours...
little ones for the christmas tree
or to dangle on presents.
enjoy your sunday...
naturally Carol xox


  1. Goodness, if Alison can forgive her brother then I think there's hope for all of us. I agree, holding on to hatred and bitterness does us no good, if fact probably harms us more than we know, but, easier said than done sometimes :)
    Yes, those hearts are charming :)

  2. What an eye opening story. She sounds like such a strong person. What exactly is 'for her'?

    1. A night where women get together to celebrate being us! We usually have a guest speaker and then coffee afterwards. Sometimes it is a day time thing other times at night. It is held at a local church.

  3. very inspirational and challenging ....looks and sounds like it was a real treat. xx

  4. Some excellent food for thought there Carol and I know from experience that the only person to get hurt when one harbours anger and resentment is oneself. Alison sounds like an amazing woman. Thank you so much for visiting my blog and for your support and encouragement.

  5. cute!

  6. It sounds like a very inspiring night Carol, what a journey Alison has gone through and what a beautiful heart she has. x

  7. Sounds like a great night. I have seen my grandmother destroyed by bitterness and am determined to never let it happen to me.


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