Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Baby Shower...

with the baby!
this morning some friends and i
held a baby shower.
zoe was expecting a girl,
but lo and behold a boy was delivered
exactly two weeks ago.
i had made pink invitations
had them in my handbag ready to deliver
when a little boy was thrust into my arms.

here he is sleeping snugly this morning,
at his own welcome party with a friend.
last friday
we made some bunting...

which we strung along the rails of the deck at the cafe.
easy bunting it is.
coloured paper stapled on to curling ribbon
taped with washi tape onto the railings.
we blew up the balloons...
ordered cappucinos and cake
played party baby bingo, baby memory,
name the parents and name the baby.

i can't wait to help host another one
it was so much fun!
i'm hoping you're all having fun this wednesday too...
naturally Carol xox



  1. Aww, little baby looks adorable! Don't you just love the newborn baby smell? They're so precious! Sounds like a great shower!


  2. How sweet of you to be able to make all the changes at the last minute....and super special that the bubs could make it to the celebration xx

  3. What a wonderful baby shower, and he is too adorable! xo Heather

  4. Oh how gorgeous little babies are..Love the bunting.
    P.S,I'm having another giveaway..xx

  5. I love the bunting! Did the washi tape hold properly? What a cutie and such a fitting shower as well xoxox

    1. Hi Vanisha..the washi tape was perfect. It held the bunting in place despite a bit of wind blowing and was easy to remove afterwards from the railing and the bunting so the bunting went home with the baby's mother.

  6. What a fun surprise! The shower looks lovely, I hope mumma and son are doing well!

  7. What a joyous way to welcome a new little chap into the world!

  8. Congratulations and what an unexpected surprise of a blue bundle instead of pink.
    Modern technology isn't always right.

  9. How tiny and gorgeous is that little new baby!

    I would like to invite you to enter the Pacifica gift set giveaway at my blog now:

  10. WOW, what a surprise a little boy popped out! So the scan got it wrong I am guessing!? I kind of like that nature over-rules technology now and then, keeps us all on our toes. What a lovely celebration Carol, I enjoy a good Baby Shower too xo


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