Friday, April 29, 2011

A Royal Wedding Day & Giveaway!

good morning!

i have proved to myself this morning
that i'm just another romantic soul.

with london on every airwave..
or so it seems,
i was overtaken by the urge to create
a cushion to honour the royal wedding...

i wonder what wills and kate will be up to
when big ben gets to five minutes to one!

will they be married..or almost?

i couldn't resist embroidering a tiny crown on the tag this time...

and had to put a small gold button on the selvedge
with a coat of arms...'cos there had to be little bit o' bling!

sorry about the lack of quality in this photo...
the dog (kara) kept interfering..nudging my elbow for a pat
while i was taking all these and this one isn't the clearest of pics!

you can see a little of the back though
with it's polka dots and black buttons...
i'm putting it in the shop in a minute,
so if you'd like it, you'll have to beat off the!

talking about dogs..and pets..
the news this morning said some people want to change the name 'pet'
to 'animal companion' 'cos apparently the name 'pet' is derogatory to an animal!!!!
{is this more political correctness gone bananas???}
ha ha ha !!!

now for a wedding day giveaway...

these remind me of english country gardens!
a tumble of flowers and colours,
light and shade.

i thought i'd give these little cushions to two people
who leave comments on this site...
normal (for me) rules apply.

ie...if you're a follower you get 2 votes for leaving a comment,
if you're not you get 1 vote.
anybody, whereever you live, can enter...

my friend debbie from canberra sent me the little squares...
already sewn into four patch squares!

vanessa {clip cafe & flower photography blogs}
from western australia sent the inserts...
which i ended up not needing for the theodore cushion collection!

mel sent the lovely pink backing fabric...
it was in my pink present from the colour swap!

and i added assorted threads and buttons and labour!

they are only tiny cushions..about 35cm x 35 cm
but very sweet.

all the best to the brits
and their royal wedding...
we're celebrating with you this friday!

naturally Carol xox


  1. They're rather pretty Carol... lovely wedding day giveaway. Can't believe someone thinks the word Pet is putting animals down - has the world gone totally mad!!

  2. Happy royal wedding day, Carol. Very colourful and pretty cushions... my mum would ADORE this look for her front room. I hope I win!! x

  3. A great tribute cushion to the Royal Wedding!

  4. Oh, these cushions are delightful! I love the black and white one with the crown. So adorable Carol! Enjoy it all tonight - even a corgi if we see one!


  5. LOVE all the cuchions I have scrolled through and seen. Gorgeous!

  6. I have just taken the lemon cake that is my contribution to royal wedding tea party I'm heading off to in a little while out of the oven, the grandparents have taken E off to the park, and I'm enjoying my 10 minute break, including admiring your lovely cushions!

  7. Great pics, you are very talented! Those are absolutely beautiful! I would still want one even if there was no royal wedding! I especially like the wedding day ones, but then again, I am pretty partial to anything with flowers on it ;).

  8. Oh Carol, the Royal wedding and hope to get to see it..I wonder if Elton John writes and sings a song for them??? Need your strong faithful prayers at this time. Love Crystal xx

  9. Gorgeous giveaway! These cushions are perfect! Have a wonderful day, Kellie xx

  10. Love the London cushion! I watched the wedding while I was eating my lunch. Thought the bride looked fabulous ... and yes, she was safely married before five to one ... in fact they were back at the ranch (sorry, palace) having photos taken right about then! I'm feeling a little bit nostalgic for my homeland today (but not enough that I'd ever want to live there again - one visit a year is enough!).

  11. Hello Carol! Your London pillow is fantastic - what a lovely memory for the wedding of the year! Also the 'garden' pillows are so beautiful and they do look like a garden!
    xxx Teje

  12. Very English garden Carol..You're so very clever..Fingers crossed..xx

  13. Gorgeous cushions! I love the colours.

  14. They are amazing. I am so happy that I can join in for the give away. Two chanses for me then.

    And you and your readers are welcome to my blog to partisipate in my Give Away!

  15. I don't know how to sew. And I don't have a sewing machine. But it's been part of my TO DO list for so long. That's why your posts inspire me so much. Maybe someday I will have the courage to do my first sewing project.

  16. What a fun prize! I hope it isn't over yet! =)

    Count me in!

    I love your London cushion--it's beautiful fabric, and as always, paired wonderfully with that polka dot. I just love the combination of fabrics you create!

  17. ...and of course, I'm a regular follower! ;-)

  18. Did you say giveaway? They're fantastic. And I adore your commemorative cushion.

    You should make one to mimic Princess Beatrice's hat!!! xx

  19. I adore the commemorative cushion, such a great idea and the colours in the patchwork cushions are so pretty

    Atoxim at gmail dot com

  20. I'm your newest blog follower too!

    Atoxim at gmail dot com

  21. Hi Carol, could you let me know what the name/designer of the black and white London fabric are please? Thanks, Mandy.


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