Thursday, April 14, 2011

Tiny Ballet Dancers!

good morning...
it's a little foggy here this morning
but i'm sure that will clear!
{a bit like my mind at the moment..mmm.}

i have two more beauties from bron
at 'taylor made',
'cos they were so different from the cushions i showed you yesterday
i thought they needed their own post.

these are truly for the females...

aren't they adorable?

classical ballet dancers
pink rosebuds!
this cushion is so soft and cuddly
a real retro beauty.

i love the way this is constructed...
pretty strips of pinked fabric
sewn on to the purple then
lace and buttons...

just loving the button!

and another georgeous ballet dancer !

thanks for the little present...
for moi

so thoughtful!

the ballet dancers

no's 12 & 11
{only 10 more to go for nanango prep and kindy kids!}

i'm off to gunabel homestead for a cuppa this morning..
mmm..i has been a busy week...
and i'm lovin' it!

tonight i'm going to a special night
called 'for her'...
a special speaker..michelle mitchell,
who has written a book on raising teenage girls,
and amazing decorations and gifts just for girls like me to appreciate..
and a candle lit supper...

looks like it's going to be a great night out tonight!

i'm hoping you'll be dancing through the day...

naturally Carol xox


  1. Carol,

    Your comment made me smile! You are such a blessing. What a fun day you have planned! Enjoy your cuppa and dinner tonight. Take care


  2. I love the purple pillow. So much visual interest. Beautiful. I hope you have a great night, Carol!

  3. They are very pretty and so well made. x

  4. Hello Carol! How beautiful pillows again! Have a great special night! xxx Teje

  5. Very pretty cushions today! I'm rather keen on lilac too at the moment, and I love the ballerina rose pink and cream fabric. Your night out sounds wonderful - hope you have a great time!
    Helen x

  6. Oh my how pretty. Have a good night. Charmaine

  7. love the ballerinas Carol you will have to let us know how your night went,it sounds like a good nite out

  8. The ballerina fabric looks textured, is it just the design? Very pretty and feminine. These cushions sure allow for a lot of great creativity! The patchwork one is really cute!

  9. They're lovely! Those cushions are gorgeous! Have a wonderful day, Kellie xx

  10. Hello Carol,
    Those cushions are just the prettiest happy to have stumbled across your blog :)
    I am loving the one with the ballerina. Any girl would absolutely adore that.


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