Sunday, April 17, 2011

Grateful for...Balance!


joining in with 'maxabella' today

thanks for all your wonderful encouraging and complimentary comments
concerning the opening of my little 'made it' store...
i reread them just now 'cos i needed to soak them in!

i've made the most awful mistake..
my photos of a couple of covers was appalling
and now i'm going to have to redo them..
live & learn i!

so after being a bit ok..a lot..consumed by this new venture...
it is so refreshing to be able to poke my head out the window
and see my mr p enjoying his beloved car.

these are things in my life
i don't understand much about,
no matter how much the boys explain
it just cruises over my head!

so i drive and don't worry about it...

look at the grin on mr p's face,
he just can't get enough of that engine  : )

that puts a smile on my face
and brings balance back into my universe!

don't ya just love it when your kids are happy...

naturally Carol xox


  1. Yay! You have a button now! And refreshing photos is hardly the end of the world :-) Photography is all just about practise anyway.
    Hope you have a great sunday

  2. Gosh Carol I visited your Madeit Shop and it is wonderful!!! CONGRATULATIONS, You are so very clever..I know it has to go well because you give quality and care..
    Also, Yes Mate, all we ever want is for our kids to be happy. Love CM xx

  3. Congrats again. I saw your little shop...very cool! And I agree, balance is SO important...and healthy.

    Kids especially can add a refreshing dimension to our lives. (I love the pic of the "engine" or whatever it was. I'm like matter how many times they explain it, I just don't get it!)

  4. Yes it is great when our kids are happy. Charmaine

  5. Your shop looks wonderful Carol! I too am still trying to work this photography thing out!

  6. I hear you! I am lost when it comes to mechanics and how Cars work. I too, just drive funny! You will get the pictures down soon....Blessings! I have been so busy have not had time to check out everyones blogs lately. Be blessed!

  7. The grin on Mr. P's face is priceless ;-)

  8. That picture of your Mr says it all! Happy days! I always end up retaking photos better than I did the first time so, although it may take more might find you like them better! X

  9. Nothing makes me happier than seeing my little ones smiling. Your Made It shop is lovely :)

  10. There is nothing better than the smiles on our kids faces :) And great to know you live by.....I love living in Ipswich xo

  11. Balance... and waht a great way to illustrate it, Carol. Engines and men versus engines and women!!

    I'm behind on my posts so this is the first I've heard of your new store. How wonderful! You will be a raging success because you have such an eye for detail and a kind word for all. Best wishes to lovely you. x

  12. Lovely! Sounds like a great weekend you had! Enjoy the beautiful day, Kellie xx


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