Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Bella Bunting!

good morning!

a funny thing happened this morning
as a result i'm having a slightly different morning than i'd planned...

i was driving to the post office
and our main street was chock-a-block with traffic.
there isn't much parking anyway
but with the rain and school hols
i didn't stand a chance!

anyway i was cruising up the main street at about 10km/hr
and so had plenty of time to check out the mirror
and haha!
found i didn't put my makeup on...horror!
so i had to come home again.

well i thought that as i was here i may as well write to you all now...
and read all those yummy comments about my apron..thanks..
you are such an encouraging bunch!

i thought i'd show you the made up bunting
that nic from yardage design
very kindly sent my way...

on one side is a string of nic's lovely designs...

i've backed the flags with spots...

sorry nic..i know i haven't done your side justice
but when i take better photos i'll show it off again!

with the light behind it even though this is the blue and white side
the spots still show!
and when there isn't as much light it just looks like a silhouette!

in real life though it looks great and it's going to stay up
until after easter and then make appearances for all special occasions..
i just love it's festive look.

mr m isn't feeling too well today
but i'm so glad to see him and have him home for a little while!

today is a good day..
hope yours is good too!

naturally Carol xox


  1. Hi Carol, this has happened to me but with mascara.I manage to do my whole face but miss them all the time!

  2. I can't believe you came home again! That's a crack up, Carol.

    I rarely wear makeup. Not even to work. It's just the way I like it. When I put it on everyone goes gaga. Funny.


  3. Too funny! I went to church once with mascara only on one eye...and no one said a word Ha! Well done on the bunting! Enjoy your day


  4. laughing that you came home again! perhaps you secretly wanted to get back home to get on the blog, yes?!

    Lovely lovely bunting - i especially like the colours

    You have a great day too

    Gill xo

  5. I'm with Maxabella ... never wear the stuff; makes life so much easier, especially in the morning!!

    I'm also going to admit - and this will shock blogland - to not really getting the concept of bunting except at, say, a summer fete. Having seen so much bunting in blogland, I realise there must be something wrong with me!! Anyway, as bunting goes, this is very nice - and such gorgeous fabrics!

  6. Gorgeous bunting! Love all your adorable work, Carol!!!

  7. Glad you enjoyed making some bunting Carol! Looking forward to seeing some more pics! Nic

  8. I love bunting and yours is totally gorgeous!!! X

  9. These are lovely! Not to mention festive too! Have a wonderful day, Kellie xx

  10. Oh Carol, how you make me giggle! I hardly wear the stuff, and if I was too scared to go out without it, I would NEVER go out!

    But such a great excuse to come home and blog about it! The buntings are lovely. How I love them ;) xx

  11. Hello Carol! I'm happy to hear that you take care of yourself! I used to have make-up every day, at least at work and when going some where - somehow lately I don't have time for that... but I don't see also many people this time - just home and super market. Tomorrow I'm happy to go to my friend's birthday party so there is good reason to draw my eyes!
    That bounting is great and you gave me good idea to make one for our Easter party!
    I wish you happy and sunny Easter (do you celebrate Easter?)! xxx Teje

  12. The bunting looks good to me Carol...

    I don't wear makeup, gave that up a long time ago lol!


  13. Oh i love bunting at the best of times and this is no exception! LOVELY!!!!!!!!! Ps I would love to photograph it if I were closer :-)

  14. The bunting looks great Carol....particularly hanging in the sunshine. Have a great day x

  15. The bunting is adorable. I love both sides! I'm glad you had such a great day :)


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