Monday, April 4, 2011

Mindy's Monday...

good morning!

a few weeks ago
from 'in-the-loop'
sent me some amazing cushion covers.

they are crocheted ones
and made out of beautifully textured and variegated yarns!

i took them out into the garden to take photos...
in amongst the ferns, rocks and logs!

i made calico covers for the inserts,
then gave them to my friend marie...
she sewed mindy's covers together and put a border on this one,
a real joint effort!

mindy crocheted this one out of thick chunky yarn...
beautifully coloured creams with a rich accent of burgundy and forest green.

this yarn is extraordinary...
almost an opal like quality of colour,
if you look closely
bands of slightly different colours are apparent.

the other side of this one is forest green...

someone or two in theodore
will have a handmade work of art shortly...
soft and lovely
just in time for winter!'ve done yourself proud!
thank you for helping flood affected people in theodore, queensland.

when i picked them up this morning to take the pictures..
i couldn't help myself, i just had to give them a big squishy
i don't think i'll be the last either!

have a wonderful monday
and are feeling 'minspired'!
{inspired by mindy..hehe}

naturally Carol xox


  1. A squishy soft pillow to cuddle - lovely~!

  2. These are beautiful, and it's nice to see something different than the other cushions you have collected. Mindy did an amazing job.

  3. Those cushions look amazing! The natural background sets them off beautifully too! Mindy is very clever! x

  4. These are so beautiful. Nice to see crocheted cushions for a change. Great job Mindy! Thank you for showing Carol!

  5. Thank you Carol and Marie for helping to put those together!! And what lovely pictures. =)

  6. I sure could use a squishy cuddley pillow today :\ They are lovely!!!


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