Monday, July 9, 2012

Credit Where Credit's Due...

it's a rainy old monday...
another dull winter's day you  may say
but today there is good news to broadcast to family and friends.

mr t passed all of his first semester subjects at uni
and we're very proud of his accomplishment.

as an encouragement to others out there
who may not know him...
he left school after year 10
and studied hospitality at tafe
never dreaming that he would ever go to uni.

after six years of slavery in the kitchens of oz
he injured his back
and couldn't do his cheffy work anymore.

deciding to retrain and get a job where he didn't have to be standing all day
he did a bridging course at tafe
to get qualified for entry into uni
to do a computer graphics course...
he is now in his first year and has passed the semester with credits...yay!!

this photo is one that he took in late autumn
from our front doorstep looking across the road to the west...
aren't the colours amazing?

it is the first day back at school for most queensland kids today
i wish you all the success in the world too...

happy studying!

naturally Carol xox

Saturday, July 7, 2012


good afternoon...
it is full on winter weather here...dull grey skies,
bared branches and shut up windows

great weather for my latest passion...reading!

when my computer died
i had some time to spare
found myself looking at my bookshelf
at all those books i'd collected over the last couple of years
but had never got around to properly reading.

i set myself a mission...
to read all of them from cover to cover
then to decide whether they were worth keeping to read again one day
or whether they would be relegated to the bin, the thrift shop
or passed on to friends to enrich their lives as well.

i have just finished reading this one...yesterday.
it is a picture of the miracles taking place in mozambique,
so interesting it only took a few days to read.
the book on the bottom has taken me a couple of months to ingest..
chapter by chapter
filling me up with its message until i have to lay it down for the day
and find a lighter read to go on with
while i digest what it is saying to me.

i have been to china a few times,
africa too...
revelled in the lives of people and places,
events and fantasy.

i love every story
have learned from every book...
even the ones i won't go back to ever again!

i don't ever want to be too much in a hurry again
or have a life to busy
to not have enough time
to take in at least a little of a story each day...

i will take flight to a distant shore, adventuring...
and enjoying the journey thoroughly
from the comfort of my favourite cushioned chair,
my bed or a quiet corner of a cafe.

it amazes me
how those books sat on my shelf patiently
waiting for me to discover their messages...
stories that have changed my life

with much love

naturally Carol xox