Thursday, September 30, 2010

Glamour Puss...

i've a friend,
she's georgeous,
loves hot pink and purple
teamed with black and lots of sparkles

i think she's a glamour-puss!

these are for you mrs l.

i apologise for the lack of purple
and sparkles.
will you accept hot pink, orange and green
with your tea towels?

a little ric rac in lieu of a sparkle or two?

i hope you do.

'cos they're made,
ready and waiting...

for YOU!

hope your day sparkles!

what's thrilling you this thursday?

i've finished my bible college homework so..
i'm off to get a coffee, sew and shop,
that's the plan.

'til tomorrow then,

naturally Carol  xox

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Coffee Anyone?

come and have a cuppa with me...
i had to get up really early this morning
to take mr m to the train station.

he's off to brisbane
and then to sydney...

and we're still getting over
mr t's car broke down
at the shopping centre.

it spilled fluid
and had to be towed home
by the kind men
from the racq...
for a small annual fee
they help stranded people like mr t, sharrie and me.

isn't the bark on this tree
she is my apron model today,
as sharrie wasn't available!

isn't she slender?

a few prickles and a beard
on her though!

i think this apron,
is a dress up apron...
"explain yourself", 
 i can hear you say

well, the fabric is lovely and soft...
but ...mmm...?
"well, go on!"
she is rather thin
and would be no good
at protecting a person from spills.

i can hear you exclaim
with disappointment...

the thing is though,
she would be rather good at...
tizzying up a dull outfit when
unexpected visitors arrive
expecting a cuppa!

"well, that's better!"
you would say...

yes, i agree,
not all aprons, you see,
have to be involved in
manual labour!

whether you are like
a humble, hardworking apron today...
or are dressing up
for a day out...

enjoy a wonderful wednesday!

naturally Carol  xox

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Thoughtful Tuesday...

The LORD GOD is MY strength;

HE will make MY feet like deer's feet,

And HE will make ME walk on MY high hills.

Habbukkuk 3: 19

same yard;
different perspectives.

naturally Carol  xox

Monday, September 27, 2010

Celebrating Life...

this apron is for sharrie's mum.

sharrie's mum
has been fighting breast cancer.

a few days ago...
she had a mammogram done.

sharrie heard that it was clear!

isn't that the best news!

today, we're celebrating her life!

naturally Carol  xox

Friday, September 24, 2010

Perfectly Practical...

tea towels are perfectly practical
as opposed to...
mary poppins
as we all know is
practically perfect!

they only take a few minutes
to cut out and sew,
perfect for using
oddments of fabric.

the butterfly fabric
is a leftover from miss b's endeavors.
the patches
are 'city weekend' charm squares,
which happen to contrast with
royal blue

these 'maxwell & williams' teatowels
come in a pack of three
and are only a few bucks each
on special....yippee!

i reckon
they will make
great gifts...
thank you and i'm thinking of you
presents and stocking fillers...

i'm a practical kind of person,
i guess.


naturally carol xox

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Soft 'n' Grey...

i'm loving...

soft greys

and especially with


this was made just for fun...
an apron of no fixed address,

it will look cool when...
sharrie is taking the casserole
out of the oven,

or she's playing with
kara...son no.2's georgeous dog.

but seriously...???
no, there is no seriousness..
just fun,
how could big blowsy blossoms
and bows...
be anything,
but fun!
sew...  fish...  run...
do something
for fun.

have a good one...

naturally carol  xox

ps...thanks sharrie for being my apron model again.. car is home,  so now i'm off to the shops and will sneak in a lovely gloria jeans coffee as well, i'll be thinking of you when i'm knee deep in froth and bean juice.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Another Apron...

good morning!

first we'll have some coffee
with a lovely choc slice i made yesterday...

now that we're comfortable,
i've got something to show you.

last week i made my first amy butler apron.
i even managed to make it from her 'daisy chain' range of fabric...

then it poured with rain,
and i couldn't take any pictures for you.

it's still a bit cloudy,
but the moss on the tree looks georgeous...
and it only comes out with the rain.

thanks, sharrie
for being the perfect apron model.

i think i'll make some more of these...
just thinking of what fabric i'll use -
i'll let you know...

things are looking up,
i get the car back this afternoon and
the sun is peeking through!

have a creative day...
you know you can!

naturally Carol  xox

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Under a Cloud (or Two)...

hi...we're still living under the rain clouds
but far from making me blue,

i'm going to have a great day
finishing the apron i started yesterday
for sharrie's mum
{sharrie's  married to my son no. 4,
she's an american from north carolina}.

i hope she will be my apron model
when the rain clears.

then i am going to be
 reading the latest 'belle' mag
that i have had for a week!

i may even start on one of the books
that i picked up for a song
at the fair.

these pics
were taken last week...

these tiny orchids grow
in the forks of the jacaranda trees
in my front yard.

aren't they sweet?

i always think that
God does colour
the best...

we just try to copy Him!

i love the way
that on grey days
certain colours pop out
like these little flowers against their grey stems.

on sunny days
white houses look amazing
against the bright blue sky...


naturally Carol  xox

ps  if any pockets of sunshine come my way, i'll have pics of the aprons to come...
we'll cross our fingers, shall we?

Monday, September 20, 2010

Monday Blues...

miss b has gone back to brisbane,
well she has to work,
so that was expected, but i miss her.

my car is at the repairers.
a fortnight ago -
mr william and i
were sitting at maccas
having a lovely cup of coffee and catching up,
a big white bus
decided to park in the bays next to ours
reversed straight into our car.
i have lost my freedom for three days...
and i miss it already.

i love the rain
i wanted to get you a picture of
my newly sewn
Amy Butler apron,
and the sun has gone away behind the rain clouds.
today i am missing the sunshine
and the perfect light for photos.

looking on the bright side though....

i do have a couple of pics which i took the other day,
of random sunshiney things
that may cheer us all up 
(if your day hasn't gone according to plan). 

i put this dotty border on this tea towel the other day...
just for fun.

this is one of the last poincettia flowers of winter
that is blooming
right alongside my house,
next to my front door.
i love the bright bracts and its knobbly stems...

and these babies

were from the last bunch

of glads i bought a couple of weeks ago.

i must have been saving these photos
for a rainy day!


well i feel a lot happier now...
i hope you do too.

naturally Carol  xox