Monday, September 20, 2010

Monday Blues...

miss b has gone back to brisbane,
well she has to work,
so that was expected, but i miss her.

my car is at the repairers.
a fortnight ago -
mr william and i
were sitting at maccas
having a lovely cup of coffee and catching up,
a big white bus
decided to park in the bays next to ours
reversed straight into our car.
i have lost my freedom for three days...
and i miss it already.

i love the rain
i wanted to get you a picture of
my newly sewn
Amy Butler apron,
and the sun has gone away behind the rain clouds.
today i am missing the sunshine
and the perfect light for photos.

looking on the bright side though....

i do have a couple of pics which i took the other day,
of random sunshiney things
that may cheer us all up 
(if your day hasn't gone according to plan). 

i put this dotty border on this tea towel the other day...
just for fun.

this is one of the last poincettia flowers of winter
that is blooming
right alongside my house,
next to my front door.
i love the bright bracts and its knobbly stems...

and these babies

were from the last bunch

of glads i bought a couple of weeks ago.

i must have been saving these photos
for a rainy day!


well i feel a lot happier now...
i hope you do too.

naturally Carol  xox

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