Thursday, September 16, 2010

Completed Cushions...

son no. 2 was making chili con carne
for dinner...
i was sewing 'fandango' cushions
at the sewing table...

as busy as bees
we were...

dinner was made
and so were the cushions.

dinner was delicious
and these were too!

 as pretty as a picture
on both sides...

each use 45cm (16") inserts
and 40 cm zips to close them up...

i think i'll make a start on
my Amy Butler apron today,
hopefully i'll have some pics next week
for you.

i found a sweet little nest
of yellow freesias,
hiding between the crepe myrtle
and the fence...
i'll show you tomorrow, ok?

thanking you for your company

naturally carol  xox

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