Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Miss B's Baby Quilt

when Miss B was looking after my machine,
she made this baby quilt for a girl.
there wasn't really a girl in mind so
i am instructed to gift it to the first baby girl
that we need a gift for... i think she will be a blessed baby indeed.

please excuse the crusty old tyre at the bottom of the picture.
i'll make sure no other such items sneak into my photos
just wanting to steal the limelight!

here's another picture, note that it is closer up thus
avoiding said crusty limelight stealing tyre.

today is the first day of spring
and there is something delicious about
blue skies, clean linens, pinks, greens, little birdies,
gingham, dots and stripes in fresh colours
that bring a smile to my heart.

i hope you saw something today
that made your heart smile...

love from Carol (Naturally)  xox

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