Friday, September 3, 2010

Cool Blues on a Friday....

friday sings its own song,
a song of anticipation...
a weekend is at hand.
a change of pace...
winding down the week day activities...
gathering momentum for other agendas.

just feel like chilling out
this friday.

my mood matches the cool blues
of these cushions

when Miss B returned the sewing machine,
she gave me a large cardboard box,
full of material, unfinished projects and
one and a half curtains.
(which didn't fit any of our windows)

so i made these from the curtains...
the cording made me nervous,
it was surprisingly easy doing it with a zipper foot.

3 buttons for practicality.
these are the other 2 cushions covered with
the st vinnies sheeting i mentioned before.

this little bonsai pot
is on my outside table...
under the passionfruit vine.

have a cool blue friday too...
and a sunny yellow weekend.

naturally Carol   xox

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