Monday, September 6, 2010

Lost Dog Finds Good Home...

Once upon a time...
(a few weeks ago)
i found this georgeous fellow

going very cheaply...
sitting in a basket,
at the home for lost dogs and other homeless sweethearts.
(st vinnies)
i paid for him and took him home,
not knowing where i would keep him
at the time.

some time went past,
until my gaze alit on an old cane chair
in desperate need of new attire.
i sewed a little cover for her seat.
she looked much better sitting there
but something was missing
to make her complete.

a few days later...
the old dog leapt sprightly to his feet
and landed neatly on the seat.

i was delighted to find him a home,
then remembered a bunch of
lovely fresh daisies
(that Miss B had discarded)
and thought they may 
find that chair comfortable too.

the dog, the chair and the daisies
all live in my sunny front room (that
used to be a porch) and cheerily
greet the visitors who come
knocking at my door.

'til tomorrow...
naturally Carol  xox

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