Monday, September 13, 2010

Monday Monday....

i enjoy mondays...
peaceful mondays.
monday is...
laundry day or
pottering around the house day or
playing with the dogs day or
reading day.

i think you get the picture.
i do a bit of housework and
recover from the busy weekend
on monday.

on saturday i
had a linen party at my house
it was fun and then
my friend and her family
came over for a pizza dinner.
that was fun too.

on sunday i
went to church
bright and early in the morning.
i loved it.
i enjoyed a long muggacino
afterwards and
talked to lots of friends.

one friend gave me
a big bag
full of cherry tomatoes.
ripe and red...

when i got home
i washed them and put them
in a glass bowl...

the last of winter's bounty and
the first sprig of basil this spring.

swish a long dash of aussie olive oil...
into a pot with onion and garlic.
saute until tender and transparent.

squish handfuls of the little tomatoes,
(so that the skins are broken
and the juicy goodness is released),
into the pot.

add salt, pepper and sugar if needed

simmer gently
for an hour or two,
or three or four
if so inclined....
until the flavours have blended
and intensified into

fresh basil
grated parmesan

the perfect sunday night meal.

i'll meet you
out at the clothesline
in just a tick

naturally carol  xox 

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