Monday, October 29, 2012

A Monday Finish...

hi, good afternoon!
yesterday morning i cut out another tote before church.
after church i settled down to sew again
ran out of light blue cotton.
i dashed over to lyncraft..but wouldn't you know it,
i was ten minutes too had to go back again today before any progress could be made.
this one's for my friend to give to her mum for christmas.
i'm trading this for a beautiful soy candle in a lovely glass for ms s's birthday in november...
i don't think she reads this a lot so i'm pretty safe telling you!
i've just finished it.
i'm pleased with how it turned out..the colours are fresh and lively
and the fabric is silky soft.
i'm not sure whether that's good or not for a bag...
well, feels nice anyway.
it's made with 'nicey jane' that was on special at hawthorne threads last month...
it was a great sale.
now i'm sitting down with a coffee,
christening my new coffee mugs that i won from em at "teacups too"...
and procrastinating really,
'cos i've got a document i have to type out
and i'm talking to you instead!
i must admit i'm enjoying the cool respite we're having here from the heat.
work is not as much effort and i like the moody clouds hanging overhead
and the fresh wind...i know that the heat will be back again very soon.
i hope you're enjoying your monday too...
naturally Carol xox


  1. I love the colours in the bag too Carol.
    We're about to have our first real heat in Melbourne and I'm looking forward to it! x

  2. What a beautiful tote! So Spring-like too!
    Be sure to enter my GIVE-A-WAY!

  3. Absolutely gorgeous colours Carol, you have done a beaut job!
    Have a wonderful week!

  4. Love the colours in the tote....don't you just hate it when you run out of an essential ingredient? xxx

  5. you bag is lovely, the fabric may be not durable for heavy canned goods but what a lovely dressy tote this is, or for some hand sewing or knitting, I think its lovely, enjoy your day,

  6. Oooo I really like these colours Carol, a beautiful gift. It is more than a little frustrating to run out of sewing supplies right at the end of a project like that. Such a pretty tea cup too! xo

  7. Nice work Carol this is a lovely tote bag, and the colours blend well.
    best wishes Julie.C

  8. A lovely bag, great colours and I like the words you put on it :)
    Helen x

  9. Beautiful and light. Hope you have a lovely week! Jillxx

  10. Love those colours and fabrics you've used. Your coaster is super cute too :)

  11. Hi you have a lovely blog, what a wonderful bad you made.

  12. Such a beautiful bag, and I love that cute coaster!!! xo Heather


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