Monday, October 15, 2012

A Little Bird Told Me...

...that there will be an
'ornament swap'
this year!
are you interested?
i am
i've signed up at christina's blog to enter!
isn't it a great idea?
thanks christina.
go over here and sign up now
'cos entries close on october we only have a week,
but we have until the end of november to make and post it.

these pics are off our 2010 black and white tree;
we normally have another pine with coloured ornaments too.
this year i would love to have a real tree though...
what are you planning?
or is it too far ahead yet to have thought anything?
last year we were preparing for our son's wedding in taipei
and didn't really celebrate much at was too close and too stressful.
i'm looking forward to a christmas at home this year
with a few handmade goodies to boot.
i can't wait to see what everybody makes...
i can't wait to see what i come up with, come to think of it,
hopefully inspiration will hit.
all the best
naturally Carol xox


  1. Sounds lovely..I am off to have a read but don't think I will be participating as I have entered an Advent Swap, for which I must make/thrift/buy 24 small gifts, plus one larger one for christmas morning...that along with every thing else I think I have my hands quite full!
    I look forward to seeing what you send/receive :D

  2. Sounds a great idea, but I know from previous experience, trying to make things for Christmas puts me under ridiculous stress, so I'll just stick with my standard mini cakes!

  3. meeeeeeeeeeeeee hehe off to sign up

  4. It sounds like a lovely idea, I'll have a little think about it but I'm sure I will join. What fun to get a handmade ornament in the mail, I love presents.

  5. Gorgeous black & white ornaments Carol...but Christmas...Aaaarrrrggghhh not ready! ;) xo

  6. I'm in! Love those black and white decorations. We have to have a new tree this year. I'm hoping for a "live one"!
    xo Jen


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