Friday, October 26, 2012

The Meaning of Life...

good afternoon!
i've had a quiet week really.
apart from a couple of social this morning...
i've pretty much stayed at home
yesterday, even had some time to clean out my pantry.
when mr t moved back home from brisbane and his cheffing job
he contributed to our herb and spice cabinet with bulk supplies...
i found three different containers holding ground ginger
the black cardamom had been destroyed by embedded moths.

i found a few aussie staples..vegemite..two jars???
cockies joy, aussie slang for golden syrup...used by bushmen to sweeten up their campfire baked damper...
a few baking supplies...

...and an impressive lineup of brekky cereals..this is only half of them!
there isn't much else though.
i've been deliberately running down the supplies,
knowing this was a task that just needed to be done
but now need to get out and do a big, big shop.
from the mundane to the philisophical...
i was listening to the radio this morning and ravi zacharias was speaking.
he said something i just had to write down to remember.
it made a lot of sense to me...
the meaning of life.
to feel as though our lives have meaning we need
 {being inspired, finding new insights, being wowed ...being bored kills us}
what do you think?
i was inspired by naomi@sevencherubs earlier this week
when she talked about having a store of food supplies
which she uses to not only feed her own family well with but to bless the lives of others.
thanks naomi for adding some 'wonder' to my life this week...
inspiring me to take stock of my own food store!
where have you found some 'wonder' this week?
naturally Carol xox


  1. Hello Carol:
    We could not agree more in the need to discover the 'wonder' of life which, if only we look, is to be found all around us.

    Kellemes hétvégét.

  2. Hi Carol, Well I have never heard of Cockies joy before now! I have found wonder in a very good friend this week. I am lucky to have some truly wonderful friends. Have a lovely weekend. xx

  3. Wow! see, this post wowed me! Those tenets of Ravi really get down the 'bare bones' and are easily understood. Now of course I had to visit Naomi's blog after your mention of her writing...and once again, it was 'wow'!

  4. What a lovely post carol... yes, i have had wonder, but probably in a bad way.. wondered about people and why they do some things.. wonder about the ways of the world??? anyway, I am glad that your wonder was a happy one!!
    Laura x

  5. My husband decided to tidy and reorganize our pantry yesterday in my absence . I wonder if I will ever able to find anything lol.
    Very wise words Carol.

  6. Thanks for reminding me that my pantry desperately needs an overhaul! And thanks for passing on Ravi's wise words.... very thought provoking!

  7. I do this every other month. With everything - spices included. I love working with what I have, looking up recipes and using them all up. I'm a minimalist even down to the pantry!


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