Friday, October 12, 2012

Heartbreak Hotel

sometimes this is where we live.
my kids have grown up
but just like when they're little
it's heartbreaking when they make the wrong choices
and the consequences are hard to live through...
for them and for us.
believing for a miracle or two here!
on a lighter note...
i found these yummy low or no sugar treats
at the supermarket to make saturday morning brekky more delicious.
have you seen these before?
buttermilk pancake mix from the pancake parlour....just add milk for really high fluffy pancakes,
these have 5g sugar per 100g..pretty good
queen maple syrup...the new no sugar variety..yes it is artificially sweetened,
i haven't tried this yet but if it tastes good it's worth a go
otherwise i'll head back to the pure maple syrup.
{you do have to be careful though 'cos one variety i picked up had sugar as a main ingredient
even though it said 'maple syrup' on the label!}
i love these coffees...
absolutely no sugar, the flavouring is in little beads and permeates the whole cup.
my favourite is actually caramel...
a surprise to me as i thought that would be my least favourite before i tasted them.
a warning though
...once you get one variety you find you're collecting the whole bunch!
by the way i didn't get paid or prompted to show you these.
every now and then a few things come onto the market that are a bit special,
don't you find that?
have a wicked good weekend!
naturally Carol xox


  1. I love that Pancake Parlour mix, though when it comes down to it my bloke's homemade banana pancakes are the best!

  2. So funny; we eat pancakes for dinner or when they are really thin, as a desert. Never for breakfast.
    I wish you all the strength you need, dealing with choices you wouldn't have made yourself.

  3. 'Heartbreak Hotel'...with 5 daughters between us, DH and I know all about that place!Some years we just seem to lurch from one crisis to the next...but we have each other:-)
    I've never seen those coffees before, so must check them out :-)

  4. We to in England eat pancakes as a desert and not for breakfast, perhaps a change would be nice.
    I wish you well.
    best wishes Julie.C

  5. I'm sorry for whoever you are comforting through a heartbreak.

    The flavoured coffees sound good for a treat.

    Carol, You just reminded me I forgot to buy maple syrup ...better add it my list tomorrow because your post also makes me want pancakes Sunday. I love the Exclusively Food's pancake recipe and I'm going to try Stevia in it.

  6. Your kids will always be your babies, no matter how much they grow up, or how old they become. I hope your heartbreak hotel gets better.

    Yay to cutting your sugar down. I have done the same only recently, and it is amazing. Once I reduced my sugar intake, I stopped craving chocolate - some thing I have been trying to do for years.

  7. Hope you are able to stand together and work through the troubles....have a lovely weekend and enjoy those pancakes and coffee.

  8. Oh wow, can I ever relate to "Heartbreak Hotel". I fear one of my sons has hit another rough patch and all I can do is pray he makes better decisions this time. I was just saying to his father this morning, I sometimes wish I could take my heart out so I don't have to go through the pain and worry. But, instead I must try to use those emotions to lift up prayers on his's so hard to do! I wish the best for you and yours! And thank you for sharing as it helps me not feel so alone. And on a lighter note, coincidentally I bought pancake mix and syrup earlier this week...think I'll have them for dinner tonight!

  9. Oooo that pancake mix looks a bit special, yummo, thanks for the tip Carol. I do hope all is ok with your children, I am told that the worrying never ever stops... and if anything, it becomes somewhat harder once they're all grown up... our greatest life long commitment xo


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