Sunday, October 14, 2012

Sunday Mac Cheese!

good afternoon!
good ol' comfort food...
mac cheese on a sunday for a late lunch
so noone has to cook when the afternoon heat hits the kitchen
we can nibble on bits 'n pieces for dinner..hehe!

you can't beat it for tastiness.
our stove top isn't working,
one element has a faulty connection where it won't turn off
so we just turned it all off at the wall to be safe.
this was made by cooking the macaroni in the microwave...
the largest pyrex bowl we have
a packet of macaroni covered and with an extra knuckle's depth of water, for 20 mins.
the cheese sauce was made in the electric wok!
then everything assembled and into the oven for 25 mins to brown the top.
mr t just puts cheese on top when he makes it...
i thought a few panko breadcrumbs would make the top extra crunchy.
it worked, a great texture contrast.

we've made this three times in the last fortnight.
funnily enough, mr t couldn't remember ever having it in his life before then.
i'm sure i have made it once or twice before in the twenty four years he's existed on this planet!
we go through food fads in this household...
currently as you may have noticed
it's pancakes with maple syrup & mac cheese!
does your household have a current favourite?
naturally Carol xox



  1. That looks delicious! I have 4 children in my house that would love that.

  2. Ha ha, I made some Mac and Cheese yesterday, but it didn't look anywhere near as nice as yours! I managed to curdle my cheese sauce and when I made it again the same thing happened. The dog seems to like it though :)

  3. Paprika is tasty in mac and cheese as well ;]

  4. ah! Macaroni cheese, such wonderful comfort food for the cooler days of the year! I put sliced to atones round the edge of mine before putting it into the oven. It adds colour and freshness!
    Thank you for visiting my place! Greetings from Sandra

  5. I remember learning to make macaroni cheese at school. I still mess up the cheese sauce, but I do love it, lumps and all!
    I'm craving caesar salads at the moment x

  6. Oh I do love the old comfort foods like macaroni cheese. And I love meals that can be assembled ahead and then reheated like this. My girls are, for some strange reason, not so fond of mac n cheese. They prefer their pasta more creamy! My current faves - anything that involves asparagus - the season is so short and must be made the most of!

  7. I love mac and cheese!!
    We have bolognaise at least twice a week...the only dinner the 3yo participates in !!

  8. I love mac and cheese...and your version of it looks amazingly good...I love the panko breadcrumbs idea!

    We seem to be on a salmon kick here...we had salmon laksa last week and then salmon again tonight!
    And of course baked oatmeal for breakfast.

    Did you try the banana bread? I hope it came out well and that you liked it!

  9. I haven't made this properly for years! Thanks for the reminder, the kids would just wolf this down. We also do the regular Spag bowl and Pancakes on sundays :-)

  10. Every time I see someone do this I have a ah-ha moment and think I really must make some Mac cheese but I always forget to get some. Fingers crossed I remember after this time. Simple but full of good memories.

  11. Looks very yummo Carol. You must have a big microwave - that dish looks pretty big! Good old mac cheese - the ultimate in comfort food I think. cheers Wendy

  12. Tandoori chicken is a firm favorite here (don't forget the naan bread mum)!

    1. We're tandoori lamb and basmati rice here! But I can see Mac cheese in our future too. X

  13. I love macaroni and cheese, especially that crunchy top, it's my favourite part:) At the moment our favourite would still have to be homemade pizza. x

  14. Oh lasagne is always a favourite here Carol. I have never made Mac Cheese actually, but this one looks delicious... love the idea of throwing in some bread crumbs, fabulous for texture.

  15. Yum my girl will love this..... Happy week to you. xxx

  16. Hmmm...YUM! Love Mac & Cheese in our house - I make it at least once a week! Always toss some breadcrumbs on the top too, and sometimes add some cubed pancetta and spring onions... Oooh, think I'm going to have to go and make an early dinner now, your post & pics have made me hungry :-)

  17. Oh dear, now I want some mac and cheese! Breadcrumbs make EVERYTHING better I'm pretty sure :)


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