Tuesday, October 2, 2012

In Taiwan...On Tuesday!

hi, it's tuesday again
i'm showing you around taiwan...a bit of taipei actually, today.
this is the chiang kai chek memorial hall.
it's an absolute visual feast in blue and white...
blue tiles and white marble,
with contrasting colourful terracotta tiled buildings flanking the main building
showing off amazing manicured gardens.
the day was dull with overhanging rain clouds
we were tired from walking around the botanic gardens that morning
but this just took our breath away.
unfortunately we didn't take enough photos
and blogger will only let me upload a few as well...
so here are some of the best...
just the front gates were impressive!
the gates on the opposite side of the main building
with the taipei city skyline in the background...not city centre though.
the outer buildings...
these photos don't do justice to the scale of this site,
it is huge, see how small the people look comparatively!
swirls of marble!
beautiful symmetry of the formal gardens.

looking up to the top of the main building.

looking up at the ceiling..wood & glass...in the main hall.

the bronze statue of kiang kai chek ...top right
the changing of the guard on the fourth floor.

it was serendipity really.
we were going to explore the first floor
followed two older gents into the lift instead of taking the stairs
'cos our feet were tired.
they were heading to the top
so we changed our minds on the spur of the moment
followed them...
just in time to see the guards change at 4 p.m. precisely!
it was an incredible show.
this type of thing happened often...that we would arrive just in time
to see the most wonderful performances and sights...
as though someone had gone before us making arrangements, setting the scene.
we are grateful.
if you're wondering why i seem so self indulgent about showing piles of holiday snaps,
it is 'cos the rest of my family are in new zealand
this is my way of showing them...so excuse us, if you're bored to tears!
if you're not...bored to tears that is..then you are welcome to join us on tuesdays
as it has become a regular event...thank you for hanging in there... there's more!
naturally Carol xox


  1. These are spectacular photos Carol, the small details in the buildings are just beautiful and those gardens with the patterns almost look like patterns on fabric.

  2. Really enjoying all your pics - very interesting indeed, it looks like a fab holiday.

  3. Would never be bored by your photos Carol! The sheer size of those buildings and the intricate details are amazing! Thank you for sharing :-)

  4. The architecture is breathtaking, thank you for taking us on this tour!

  5. enjoying this tour!

  6. No I am not bored at all. What an amazing place, it looks stunning, and yes, enormous too!

  7. Not bored at all...how stunning are those formal gardens. xx

  8. What an amazing place - great photos!

    Pomona x

  9. What an incredible edifice! Awesome. Thank you for sharing these Carol :D


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